Issues with my GF bed

I’m having an issue once i send my files to the GF. I use inkscape software and I do the 20x12 scale, once it transfers to the GF my bed is smaller than the 20x12, and position my art work and somehow is cut inches away where it should cut making it sometimes not cut right. i do not know what i’m doing wrong. Can some one help please.

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The actual cutting size of the bed is currently approximately 19.47" by 10.97", so it helps to design your files just a little bit smaller than 20" x 12", although it does help to leave the artboard that size. There is a little bit of space lost to deceleration on engraves as well, so if you are engraving, plan on keeping the design scaled to under 18.5" in width.

As far as placement goes, the fisheye effect of the lid camera causes distortion out at the edges of the bed. You can possibly reduce the distortion by running the Lid Camera Calibration discussed here:

That along with the new Set Focus tool do a very good job of helping with placement issues.


So I found the Foc us tool is like a Red positive sign. However, where do I click it? Do I go around the GF Bed grayscale grids? Kind of confuse on this. I did do the camera calibration and looks like it did something hopefully my issue is fix with the machine cutting out of my material.

What Set Focus does is give you a very accurate camera image wherever it is clicked on the bed.

So say you’ve got a cut out at the far right side, and it’s usually about a quarter inch off from where it appears to be at that spot due to the fisheye effect of the lid camera.

What you do is click Set Focus, then click near your design…and you will see the view shift. Place the design where you want it to be and when you actually run the job, the alignment won’t be off by 1/4". After using Set Focus on a spot, the visual placement is very accurate there.

You do need to run the Calibration once first though. (It improves the overall visuals.)

Thank You So much Jules :smile:

Thanks for the answer @Jules, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!