It’s 5pm PST on my email day. Please don’t let me down

Awwwwww, that was really cute!

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Unless my eyes were lying to me, up until tonight my AccountDetails were listing a notification date of Oct 23 (I ordered on Oct 16 2015).

I just now looked at it says Oct 26. (I’m hoping this is an update to the model, and not me having had a dyslexic moment and previously read my date wrong)

Nope the date changed for me too.

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Ok. Mine just slipped from the 23rd to the 30th of October. Good ol, plain Jane, Glowforge Basic sans filter --> Oct 15 order. :sunglasses:

And mine has disappeared from my order! Just showing the filter now. What could it mean?

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Mine changed to Oct 25th

I guess it’s good they aren’t just letting the dates float by.

Mine was 10/23, now changed to 10/25 :roll_eyes:

My date got erased all together =\


So did mine. I don’t think PRU users are accounted for in the algorithm.

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not sure what that means, but i really hope im not being pushed back further =(.

my PRU barely even works at this point.

Jumped from 26th to 31st. I’m happy if it’s more accurate, but doesn’t make the 2 year + wait any better.

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I really just think they don’t have a way to account for the PRUs and Betas in their model - my date hasn’t been accurate since the get-go, so I looked at it once or twice and then blew it off.

Don’t know when we’ll get ours, but my PRU is okay for now. If yours isn’t working, be sure to let them know. It might make a difference.


Just got my email, just got my email!!! Happy dance happy dance!! No offense to anyone here and hope you are not offended by my celebration! @takitus check again?


I just got my email. I was a day 18 Pro buyer.


Nothing yet. Renewed hope to some degree though!


My date just changed from Nov 29 to Dec 18. Filter remains unchanged at May 4, 2018, but I will believe it when I see it.

Mine got updated from the 18th to the 26th…

If they miss that date whomever puts the data/forecasts in needs to be fired… Or they need a new production manager


moved from 2/23 to 3/7.

i was hoping cancellations made it better, not that even with cancellations, it would be worse.

I have also been baleeted. Gonna hold off on reacting until I have a little more info to work with.

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