It’s 5pm PST on my email day. Please don’t let me down

Maybe they’ll get promoted. :roll_eyes:

My Pro date moved back from the 10/23/2017 to 10/26/2017.
My air filter moved up a day from 4/23/2018 to 4/22/2018.

10/20 Pro order date. Estimated shipping notification date is 10/30/2017. Air Filter states 5/4/2018.

Fingers crossed for a Monday Email…

I’m just going to say the Air filter dates would probably be better predicted with a Dartboard, They are just so far out there, and we haven’t even seen it in Beta. Production should be simpler, as it isn’t a complicated, precision instrument.


Mine estimated date was changed today. Cross your fingers.

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TODAY is my estimate day! I was the 23rd like many others on here, but slipped to the 25th. (I woke up early that day to place the order 2 years ago)

Lets see how well they do predicting the production schedule 2 days out!


I still don’t understand why orders placed later in line are getting shipped sooner.

I ordered Basic Oct. 20, 2015
Yesterday my estimate changed from Nov. 29th to Dec 18th.

Why does an order placed 3 days sooner ship almost two months later?

I don’t know. I wish I did, but like most others, we are fubling in the dark looking for a light switch.

My Shipping e-Mail is in line with others who ordered Pros on my date.

It may be the quantity of Basics ordered, vs Production line capacity thing. Although orders average out around 50/50 Pros/Basics it may be that there happen to be more basics ordered around this time than pros.

It may be that they have slightly more resources dedicated to Pro production at this time.

I have not been looking at basic orders so I don’t know the stats. Check with the other users who ordered on your day and see if anything is wonky with wha they are seeing.

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At a guess, Basic versus Pro. They make a bunch of one kind, then switch to making a bunch of the other kind, then switch back. Looks like they are making Pros for a while, to catch up from making Basics for a while.


I thought they have their own dedicated lines?

Did anyone get golden Tickets today? I thought I saw one earlier today, but not in the numbers I had hoped for.

My guess is that they have multiple lines, they just prioritized pros for a while to catch up since they started producing them later in the game and there were roughly the same amount of orders for pro and basic

I got mine 20 minutes ago.
Purchased a Pro with Air Filter on 10/16/15 shipping to Florida.
Original estimate was 10/23/17.
New estimate was 10/26/17.


Wait. They did something BEFORE they said they would?



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Mine came in at the same time yours did!


ah grats guys!

You’ll get yours! Your order is only like an Hour or two behind mine.


I got my email tonight around 9:50 EST. Ordered a pro on 10/14. Original estimate was 10/23 then moved to 10/25.


My email came last night. Was originally supposed to be 10/23. Moved to 10/25. Ordered 10/15/15. I have a Pro on the way.