It shows as"LID OPEN" when it actually closed as usuall

it shows as"LID OPEN" when it actually closed as usually .cleaned all the debris several times to make sure an still nothing, i am not able to print anything. Anyone else ran into this issue before ? Some help please ? Customer support is taking forever to anwers…

Opening a support topic here opened a new ticket with support. If you will read the first three pinned discussions in this topic, you will see how the ticketing and troubleshooting steps progress. I highly suggest you do so. Opening more than one support ticket will further delay your answer from support.

The problem you are experiencing is best covered by support since they can look at your logs. Please be patient with them and understand that it may take several days for each response.

Since you’ve opened another ticket, you can use it to run a few tests that support will probably ask for… they will see your answers here and not need to wait for you to run them…

This sounds like it might be a lid cable issue, so you need to run through all of the tests listed below to eliminate other causes. Post the results of the tests here so support can see that you have run them.


Actually, mine showed lid open last night when it was most definitely closed. I opened the lid, then closed it quite firmly and the error went away.


Thank you for your patience! I’ve just followed up to your support email with next steps. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.