It's April 1 Somewhere



Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017
Pre Release: First Projects

This will be extra funny if we are supposed to assume you don’t and you do.


I hope it’s you and no April Fool! That’s three dropping recently. Congrats.




Not sure how to reply here… need evidenve


congrats I think !!!

if so pace is picking up


Somebody without a stencil font? :slight_smile:


Sigh cruel. Just cruel


I’m just waiting for @dan s 1am EST announcement post if we get one.

The above its an assumption not knowledge.


That made my night…


In all fairness, is it too much to expect someone to think of the dropouts in letters when they just want to print? I screwed up my first stencil cut. Totally. Seems like we need a stencil typeface topic.

I finally got one ready and have it in my Design space so it’s always there.



Congrats!! More drool gone!


Squeeeeeeeee! (Not fooling me!)

Congratulations! :grinning::boom::dizzy::squeeee::proofgrade::boom:


well I guess that answers that about a april fools joke

the pace… I am really looking forward to a dan update in the next few days :slight_smile:



The font police are a tough force to reckon with.:grin:


It is a peculiar mix of loss and joy whenever a new pre-release is announced and the others of us still have no email. Happy for you. Happy we are facing less competition to be next. Sad we weren’t selected yet :slight_smile:

Good on you. And stencil font is a valuable lesson to learn early.


I know. Those thoughts were actually going through my mind on behalf of everybody who didn’t get one, when I got the email. But I didn’t turn it down.

I hope you all can forgive me for my bit of fun–it just happened too close to April 1 to resist!

I wonder if @Rita and her team are getting tired of seeing all those exclamation points in replies.


I bet the whole team is excited as the recipient !!!