It's beautiful

I just picked up my Pro-Forge today, and even though there was one missing handle, and a couple of the top corners looked a little crumpled, the GF made it through without a scratch.

I was mildly irritated to walk into the UPS location and see my baby standing on end. Guess not everyone in UPS understands thus way up arrows. In fact the UPS rep was more concerned that the crumb tray box was on the shelf upside down more than anything else.

Got it home, and very carefully went through the unpacking instructions, and I would have to say the most difficult part of the process was to attach the vent hose to the back of the machine. After 5 min of frustration, took a couple min break, thought the process out, and put the ring on the hose first, then the vent, and that worked a lot better. Had my baby together, and ready to turn on in less than an hour. (yes I took my time to savor the experience.)

Have to say I am comfortable around computers, but concerned that I would have problems connecting the GF to the WiFi. There was no problem with this part of the process either. The only thing that I did have a challenge with was that the GF would not calibrate. Kept giving me a message that says Trouble Calibrating, Turn off the GlowForge and turn it back on. If problems continue, contact After about a dozen on/off rotations, I finally gave up and wrote for help. (took about 5 min) Went back in and the print head had moved, and it was ready to use. YAHOOOO.

Went through the tutorial and printed my ruler with no problems at all. Even did a trace and print on acrylic that came out beautifully. Still trying to learn the UI, but I’ll get there.

Wonderful machine, and I feel it was well worth the wait. Thank you @dan and the entire @staff.


Congratulations! (Enjoy.) :grinning:

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Very enjoyable writing you have. Congratulations and happy burning!

have all the funs!!

And the fun (and obsession) begins! :grin:

Yes, the calibration messages are not a good indication of what is going on at all. Usually just having patience and ignoring the power cycle is the best approach. Especially with a new machine. There is often a S/W update waiting to be installed that needs some time to execute.


I absolutely hate those hoses, but I’m grateful that in this case, I had easy access to the connection, rather than dealing with it all jammed up behind a dryer. :slight_smile:

Yep. It’s not too easy. Here is a topic on a 3D printed flange extension that works well.

Here is another solution. There are a couple links in the following topic that offer some off the shelf solutions.

Congrats on the Glowforge. Enjoy!

Hooray! So happy to hear!