It's plague time

Well it’s that time again [passover] (and this time I’ve had a Glowforge for more than 2 days) so even though this year we are having a tiny (for us) seder of 23 people (it’s a mostly friends year as half the fam went to the other side of the family in CT), had to do a plague themed name cards. So got a silhouette of a frog, auto traced in AI then placed some text (and yes, papyrus seemed the exact right font given ancient Egypt). So the easiest and least creepy plague to make into placards is frogs. I thought I had dark green :proofgrade: but I only had fluorescent green which is not quite the look I was going for but still looks fun (since there are a reasonable number of children I figured a necklace hole was a good idea):


Love it!!! And yes, a hole to make it into a future piece of jewelry is always a great idea!

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What’s great about having a Glowforge is before this was not a possibility. Now this whole project was 30 minutes start to finish (plus all the weeding related cursing!)


isn’t this an activity to involve the kids in when they get there? have them weed and then place the names where they belong on the table(s)?


I’m glad you didn’t go with the death of the firstborns…


Hey, if you have to do a plague related theme, I approve little Jo-jos in lime green acrylic!
(They’ll make cute necklaces.) :smile:

A plague of frogs tends to induce this.


That was a few years ago, when I 3D printed the plagues… That one was too abstract and people didn’t get it.


I have posted this a few times but the alcohol hand sanitizer not only dissolves smoke residues but does a good job dissolving the adhesive on the tape etc. Put in a plastic bag for a bit with the hand cleaner all the tape will just wash off.

The only place to avoid using it is MDF as it seems to dissolve that glue as well.


I would opt for blooymarys around as the Nile to Blood plague.

Here is the CAD model I did for several years ago (the knife->1 connections was poor when printed and the knives tended to flop to left too easily):


They were just getting in the spirit and reclining to the left!


Hey, fluorescent green is the perfect color for plague frogs! These are really cute, and no doubt the whole project took a lot less time than when you 3D printed the tags.


These are so cool! And it set my imagination gears turning too… what other kid activities could we ‘forge? 3-D puzzles of locusts? Red Sea parting automata? Go team go!

[edited to add darkness and table pic]

Oh god yes. That took a LOOOOOOOONG time (many days - and of course print failures).

(blood done in transparent red filament - that’s a specimen tube with the top popped off)

Death of Cattle


Boils (which I printed in Entwined which is a hemp filament and it looked pretty flesh like…)

Locust (which were a big hit amongst the under 10 set)

And my personal favorite - Darkness which was printed in Black PLA and the little sunshade throws the pyramid into shadow. Looked really cool in person but impossible to photograph…


Heh heh. Bet invitations to your dinners are in high demand…


Those are all so clever…I kind of like the darkness too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can see one at the midpoint on the left side of the table to give a sense of scale.

hum… PLA is derived from bio-sources including corn starch… if you are an ashkenazi and you don’t eat kitniot, that might be trouble… have you consulted your rabbi?

(note to self: invent 3D filament with kosher certification…)

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Well Nylon (generally my goto) is made from dead dinosaurs, which unless the asteroid slaughtered them in a kosher manner… And Entwined which I used a bunch is hemp derived so that’s cool it’s not a grain (and is very environmentally friendly compared to corn)

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