This year’s Passover placemarkers

Every year at our Passover have a crowd of 25-30 people over, and have assigned seating. Each year I have done some form of “maker” place markers such as the Glowforged slate tiles, frogs, and the worst idea was the puzzles since nobody could find their seats.

This year I went 3D printed, and decided to do a great pyramid of Giza model from Thingiverse and brought the mesh into fusion360. Created an offset plane from one side which was normal to the face (handy that pyramids are isosceles triangles), then placed text in a sketch and used the emboss function to put the text onto the model (for those unfamiliar emboss is like super-smart extrude in that it takes the surface geometry into account to not leave multiple shells). I printed it in the Parthenon gray [note they don’t have “Egyptian limestone” so you work with what you have] from matterhackers on my prusa mini+ and mk3s with each one taking around 10 hours. Everyone loved the inside map (amazing that a building the size of a sports stadium has the room of a small ranch house.

My wife’s and my pyramids are in a light gray as the stone color hadn’t arrived yet by ups. It took almost a week of printing , and people were changing their RSVP’s up to the last minute (grrr).

My original plan was to print large Ankhs with the name on the vertical part, in bronzefill PLA and use a patina spray, but I found that somewhat unreliable (works great on real bronze) so went with the pyramids. The other problem was everyone kept thinking the Ankh was a Coptic cross (I went down the rabbit hole of where the Coptic crux came from vs the Ankh - it’s all in the loop at the top shape)


I love it! Now I need a tiny pyramid with my name embedded on it. Or maybe the Sphinx would be better, since I’m a cat person.


How neat! Love the engraving on the inside.


Quite the undertaking!


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