Official Bread of Affliction

It’s Passover, and you know what that means? Not just fun name plates (see It’s Plague time) but also answering the question "well what food will Feldman shove into his Glowforge now?

So for those interested in lasering their Matza, just to warn you like the tortillas it is nasty after (not sure why laser burned carbs smell/taste so much worse than over burned? @dan? ). Anyway I went with the Maple veneer settings as a baseline (seems like it is about the same thickness and color, which worked well, so that was 300/17 at 270dpi since this piece of matzo was so warped as to make high-res meaningless (plus I guessed it would increase the chance of a burn through). And when I saw warped it technically exceeded .4" in height at the apogee of the arc it only touched the honeycomb at the very edges. As usual the Glowforge’s ability to deal with a badly warped surface did wonders here. For those not of jewish heritage, if you’ve never closely examined matzo it is somewhat unique in that it is 2 outer shells with air in between, except at the perforations which are made similar to raviolis are prepared with. Not sure why it puffs up to form a hollow cavity inside but it makes the top shell very easy to blow through with a laser. And with the air assist you blow the shell apart after it over cuts so gentle is the technique here.


Oh and for those wondering how I made the thick border around the words, it’s a rounded rectangle filled in, then an offset function for the path in AI of 0.125" (align centers in both axes). Then using pathfinder subtracted the front from the back, leaving the compound path of what appears to be a thick line.


Too clever! What a great idea for Passover! Mazel tov…


We are in the midst of college visits for child #2

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You have the best family gatherings! :smile:
(And have a happy festival.)


I’m waiting for the engraved Matza balls in the soup. :smiley:

Mmm, now I’m hungry for Matza ball soup. I miss the NY delis (the plural form looks… odd). And bagels. I don’t know the last time a I had a real bagel.


You’ve heard of Binging with Babish, well now I think we’re ready for Forging with Feldman. I’d watch it!


Happy Pesach–Heidi

You kind of have to be a matzochist…


Mine was a little more splotchy in coloring to start with, but your inspiration led here:

They look better in person. And no kidding about smelling terrible!


You’re off to a wonderful start for your celebration! I’m probably not the leading expert on lasered carbs, but I can definitely appreciate it from here. :slight_smile:


I’m guessing it’s because they’re much more burned than just “toasting”.

I bet if you toasted a piece of bread until it was black and crispy it’d taste a lot like lasered Matzo.

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It went off very nicely… This morning (which for those who celebrate Good Friday is called Spray n’ wash Saturday) I am spending cleaning up all that (I have to go teach a class shortly at the medical school on medical making). Of course is it the 2 year old’s place, the 5 year olds’ places where I have to use the most spray n wash, no it’s my 18 year old’s place… grrrrr…


Lovely Family! What a great celebration!

Actually the table is almost completely friends this year (it was small for us at 26 folks) since half the family is away at the matriarch of that side…

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