Jig for Engraving on Pencils

I made this jig from Draftboard, to consistently position pencils for engraving. Other small round objects similar to a pencil will also work well.
The jig consists of four components: a base, a holder and two pegs.

Once assembled, the pegs align with the holes in the honeycomb grid of the Glowforge. I glued all the components together but gluing only the base and holder together would the pegs to be replaced if needed. And if gluing only the base and holder, use the pegs to properly position the base and holder until the glue sets.

The first time the jig is positioned on the Glowforge grid it will take a little wiggling to round slightly the ‘square’ edges of the pegs.

The jig can be positioned anywhere on the grid as long as it is PARALLEL to the grid’s front edge.
Included the SVG file. First time attempting this so hope it all works.
Pencil holding JIG


I really like the grid-positioning pegs to keep things square. Nice touch!


Very nice! I’m moving this to Free Laser Designs since you were kind enough to share the file!! Thank you!!


Great, thank you!


Fantastic share! Engraved pencils are fun! This is worth having!


Hey, thanks!


Great share - thanks!

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Thanks for the share! I think I’m going to jump on this one right away! This sounds like fun!

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Neat! Thanks!

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I made one from your plan and want to thank you for being so inventive and sharing. Glowforge people are the greatest.


Adding this to my “to make” list! Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing!! It works like a charm! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to hear. Thanks

I feel dumb… Where is the link to the jig?

Welcome to the forum.
Right click the file and save as an svg to your computer. The file is the thing that looks like a line drawing at the very bottom of the original post.

Thank you! I was looking for a link… Too early for me today! LOL

This is AMAZING! My sister is a teacher, this will come in handy for april 1st!