June Update Discussion

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Groovy! The GF print in space beats mine. My personal best is a GF print for this guy Mike Pence…works at some fancy house in the D.C. area :crazy_face:



I really hope to see :proofgrade:Proofgrade in more JOANN locations soon! That would be so incredibly convenient.


I am an International Customer (Australia) and this latest update is complete BS

Australia is not currently a valid shipping destination and I suspect this is due to laser class certification, something that was promised before I ordered in 2015 (three years ago) we need some transparency as what is actually happening here.

“Unfortunately, we’ve uncovered additional schedule challenges for both air filter & international shipping.”

Is not good enough, what is happening and why.

Further on this:

I paid $2495 for a glowforge basic with an apparent discount of $2505. The price listed on the buy now is exactly what I paid, efectively meaning there was no discount.

This is absolutely unacceptable, I really have held on to this and feel the product is worth the wait. But the way Glowforge and @Dan has treated international customers is atrocious.

You have had three years and a huge capital investment why are you still unable to deliver.


Just as a point of clarification (and not to take away from the rest of your message and its point):

Today, the basic without filter is $2495USD. The filter is another $995.

Your subtotal includes the air filter and the GF for $2495.


My Canadian date is currently Sept 1st. I REALLY hope that doesn’t change again :frowning:

Agreed the Filter price for my order was an extra $708 and it is now $995

The Price I listed was for the basic model alone not including a filter so the total apparent discount on my pre-order three years ago was $287 on the filter

Not saying that it’s the same for you. But my Purchase History page shows an Order Total quite a bit higher than I actually paid when I look back at my CC charge. (Pro w/ Air)

I’m thinking that I should cancel my air filter order… does anyone have suggestions for other commercially available filter options that I could get instead? by the time this thing ships (if ever) my laser will be out of warranty and then some :slight_smile:

It looks like the air filter was $1000 and the shipping for the air filter was $708. I believe you got $500 off the filter and $2005 off the price of the Glowforge at the time of your order. I know it probably won’t mean much, but the price you paid was one you were willing to pay, so any future price drops shouldn’t be seen as an insult or some sort of trickery. I understand you weren’t expecting to wait 3 years, or what will likely end up being more than 3 years, in order to receive what you paid for, but you’re still waiting, which means you still must consider this to be the best option for you, despite the waiting and price changes. If the price had gone up, you wouldn’t be asking to pay the higher price. Certain products, especially electronics and technology, drop in price over time. Glowforge likely fully expected to be selling at a higher price, admittedly not the original “regular price” that we all saw in 2015, but for whatever reasons, are able to sell at a lower price. They’ve tried to make this right with credits/refunds for people who paid more than the current price. I understand your frustration, at both the wait, and the lack of clear communication as to what’s holding up shipping to your country. Glowforge/Dan have not and will not share anything specific when it comes to international shipping issues.


Yes reading closer I see you are correct.

Still a moot point as it currently looks like I am never going to get the thing

I expect them to eventually announce that they just aren’t able to ship to certain countries, despite those people not being excluded at the time we were initially told of countries where they wouldn’t be able to ship. There will likely be some countries that have specific regulations/requirements/exclusions that will just not allow a Glowforge to be imported. Your country could end up being one of those. Or it could just take months or years before shipping is possible. Either way, more open and honest communication would be expected and appreciated by customers. I believe the legal team at Glowforge just won’t allow that, so you’re left in the dark. I do believe that if the price drops below what you paid, you will be reimbursed for the amount you overpaid.

@dan, you gave the url for the most up to date shipping estimate (after it gets updated next week) as https://glowforge.com/order/ but often it is given as https://glowforge.com/account/, right?

Unfortunately we don’t have a Joann fabric near where I live, but I will be in Ohio this summer. Just curious, is proof grade the same price at the retail shops as it is online, shipping aside? Also, you mentioned international Proofgrade launch. Any timing on that or have I missed it? Appreciate your insight!


Hopefully without JOANN’s typical markup… :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as they allow coupons on it I probably wouldn’t mind. (But they do exclude certain brands from coupons.)


Oops! Thank you, fixing in the post.

I don’t know, but I don’t think so - they choose their own pricing.

Still working on it - unfortunately no ETA.

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Thanks! I’ll drop you a note about the prices after I visit. And can’t wait for the international PG launch. That will be a very good thing. There is plenty of stuff to laser in the EU, but it can still be difficult to know what you’re getting without lots of testing.

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