Just another fuzzy camera not recognizing the QR Code

Just thought I would add my two cents

Another one not recognizing the QR code and a fuzzy camera. I have cleaned it several times and the same issue. Won’t recognize any PG material…

Sometimes it can be due to a bit of glare from overhead lights or even the LEDs. What happens if you rotate the piece 180 degrees? The QR code should still work upside down.

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Yea, I’ve tried everything, covered the top, put the material in upside down still didn’t work. If it’s the glare from the LED’s then there is not much anyone can do…

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Just select the type of material on the material “menu” (click where it says “Unknown” and you can type in the material or search). You’ll need to do that anyway for any smaller pcs of PG material you work with and the code is not there…

I’d be worried though if the image of the material under the camera is blurry, though.

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That’s what i have been doing since it started. It’s really no big deal to me. Just letting the staff know someone else has the same issue.

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Good idea–I just saw another using w/ same issue. But if the image in center of the bed, right under the camera, is fuzzy, that’s a bigger problem, and indeed requires a real solution, not a work around!

Make sure your camera has not come loose and allowed the lens to rotate (like while cleaning it).

The lens should be glued in place (if it’s not, you will be able to lightly twist it.) If that’s the case, support will want to replace it.

I have the same issue with the fuzzy image. Cleaned it and no change. If anyone finds a solution please let us know.

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To all, I have checked everything including the camera, the lighting, etc. To me it’s not a major issue, i select the material and it does exactly what it supposed to do except for these minor issues. Again I was just letting the staff know that it 's a issue and hopefully they cam correct it…

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My camera focus now seems off also. None of the QR codes are recognized, the image is blurred with the camera lens clean and not loose.
Since there are others seeing the same, that suggests it’s not machine specific…?

The machine’s operation seems unaffected, I just choose the material.


I agree that’s what i do since it’s happening across the board I would surmise it’s a camera issue ans not software… I can survive having to select the material…

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Heh-heh-heh! Spent twenty minutes yesterday carefully scraping the sticker off for a full bed engrave because I wanted to use that side for the cut…sometimes they actually get in the way. :smile:

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Mine was doing well and then one day decided to go blurry for the QR. I am in the habit of selecting the material so it’s ok in the end. But my lens is right solid and i have done plenty of cleaning and no change

To be clear, your alignment doesn’t appear to have changed?

Not sure Tom, if so only slightly.


Mine seems to shift after a print is done. I have been doing some 2 sided token coins for a wedding and after the fronts are done, you can see how the design is shifted from what the camera sees.

I leave the “waste” in place as a guide and flip the coins in place and without adjusting the design, laser fine.

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Hmmmm… I’ve got a bunch of pencils to run off for my son’s class next week. Stupid school district allows NO food be brought in for birthdays!!! So we thought how cool it would be if he brought each of his new classmates their own pencils engraved with their names. But maybe I’ll hold off a day or 2 until Support sorts things out with this. I dunno. I still need to run off a test.

I like to believe that every pencil engraved by a Glowforge means a @marmak3261 angel gets its wings.


Focus was fine on my machine from first time to about a month ago. Now, I always have to choose the material. Probably software.
::Actually, just looked at my records; It was fine August 8th and prior, went on vacation, out of focus on August 17th to present.

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@Tom_A, If you make a jig for a few of them to sit in and use some as a sacrifice to confirm alignment, as long as you position the pencil in the same spot, you’d be good.

Have a few rows of the names all on top of each other in the design and work your way down the list of “ignore” and “engrave”

My machine is now having the same camera issue. Everything worked great until a day or two ago.

I have cleaned the lens, changed the lighting in the area, and made sure there was no movement in the lens/camera. I see a blurry image on my computer and proofgrade material refuses to be recognized automatically.