Just **another** nameplate

Like I said in the other post, my sister is floating between four schools, which means she needs four nameplate. I only had enough wooden material to make two identical plates, so I decided to up the ante on my design and use my acrylics for two more.

I opted to stick with a thick clear acrylic base then added an additional medium white layer for both. One I stuck with the JMU theme and added a reverse engraved clear name on purple (there’s a frosted piece on the back).

The next was more of proof of concept, I’m ok with it but not “pleased” with the results. I wanted an all clear glass theme but quickly changed course as I began assembling. There are four tiers to the base, thick clear, medium white, medium clear, Inventables white marble. After I glued the clear on top of the white I realized my idea would show too much glue area, so I switched to the marble to “cover it up”. I’ll have to do more research into TAP and Weldon for their acrylic glues before I attempt making an all clear version, which undoubtedly I will try with the green glass acrylic instead.


Someone compared different glues with acrylic a while back, did you ever see that post?

Edit aha: found


I’ve run across quite a few on here, but I know TAP or Weldon had one specifically for bonding clears without any bleeding. I feel like I remember it being A) extremely expensive B) slow set time. Since I hate trying to find ways to clamp my odd designs set times are important.

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That’s the one I based a lot of my adhesive purchases for acrylic on. I have the Weldon 3 and 4, both as stated take quite a bit of practice. Also they work best if you can clamp the two together and carefully wick around the edge of the seam. I did this today with a needle applicator and adding a score line to all layers. Since I goobered up the main three insert pieces (applied way too much in the channel before setting the three in at once and it sucked up in between the pieces) I have some clear to practice on to see how to “sandwich” them the best.


All of these are very nice. A professional nameplate makes such a great impression for peers, parents and students. Well done.


We learn something with every project … love the top one!


Love seeing an evolving design and concept. You never know where they will take you!

Nice! Reminds me of something I made (unposted):

It had a little optional side-car card holder;


In the words of Jim Carey, I like it a lot!

Especially the linking end. Great for MDs or anything that has an upgradable title.


Great Design! From font to the connected artwork. Very flexible!