Just got a pre-release yesterday, some pics & items made


I think this is the most priceless pic of all…

BIG Box…came later…I was on pins and needles, lol

Be sure to check these before the delivery person leaves!

Everything except the forge…the anticipation was killing me…

Bed packed so well!

It’s so beautiful…can’t believe it’s real…

Soooo much proofgrade stuff, and packed so well, and all of it is beautiful!

The first thing I made :slight_smile:

Great lyrics…

Took a .jpg of snowflakes from the web, shrank it down & engraved it, which is not the best method for fine resolution, of course, but still got this!

I had some designs for a scroll saw bowl handy (some of you might remember my huge fail with that when I tried to do it manually, lol), and wanted to see how some of the the lines would cut if I shrank it down to the size of a dime (didn’t want to waste much of the proofgrade material on just a test), and HOLY MOLY; LOOK AT THE WIDTH OF THESE CUTS!! I was blown away:

I can’t wait to make stuff!!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Wow! Congrats!


So excited for you!! Congrats!


Wow oh wow!


That is insane!


Amazing!! Congatulations what are you storing in the bowl? :grin:


Can’t wait to see the full size bowl. Grats


LOL, that cracked me up! Pinheads, I think :grin:


That is incredible! Awesome job! :smile:


Have fun!


@nunzioc It took “Everlong” to receive your pre-release, now YOU can breathe out :wink:
ps- soooo jelloose! And yes, it looks so beautiful, I can hardly contain myself for what it looks like in person.Have fun


Now that is portion control taken to a whole new level… Now to truly impress assemble the bowl!


one grape.




Congratulations! We looking forward to seeing what you make.

I think we saw some 1/4 PG there too.


Think it’s the same pack I received. 1/8" ply, some veneer, leather and 2 pieces of 1/8 acrylic.

A separate pack of 1/8" hardwood.






Drooling!!! :yum:


congrats, and thanks for sharing the first picts, lets the rest of us know it is real.