Knife trials!

So I’ve been reading up a bit on how to metal etch with the glowforge!! Read up on using some Dry Moly lube so i figured why not give it a try! I gave the knife three coats and then decided to use a wallpaper background to see what the final outcome would be. Granted i let the Moly Lube dry overnight before putting it into the glowforge. First image is the knife with the dry moly lube over everything. And my outcome i would say was rather nice!! Gonna work on the other side probably tomorrow and post some more pics!! As for cleaning goes i used a clorox wipe and then good old dish soap and water and it came off with ease I know some people say to use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide or something like that. Enjoy


Looks good.

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Looks nice!

Cool pattern! (I’m not about to etch my Shuns, but I like seeing what other folk come up with.) :smile:


I could see an Etsy shop selling decorative items for food bloggers geared around this!

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Is the end result food-safe?

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I was just trying to figure that out. If nothing else, I would think proper Cermark is since it’s ceramic.




I have no idea but if i grow a third eye Ill let you know lol jk. I have to read more on it lol.

That is impressive!

nicely done!

That’s pretty cool looking. It would be a real bonus if it’s food safe.

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One component of my concoction is dry molybdenum disulfate. Not the spray lube stuff; but the major component in the spray lube stuff.

You’ll find a similar component in cermark and thermark… molybdenum trisulfate, I think.

I am no chemist; but my test pieces have been in my kitchen drawer, used by my family daily for months and months. Once I make a marked piece I wash it pretty well. It’s not like I’m getting shavings off into the cold cereal or spaghetti…

I can’t certify that it’s food safe; but nobody has contracted any diseases since using my flatware. I am confident that the family has ingested more toxic fumes from riding down the freeway than they have from using forks treated with a mixture of things that include molybdenum.

YMMV… if you get sued for a blogger developing weird spots after using your pretty knife, I never told you it was ok.


I spent last night and this morning thinking about this… ordered some moly lube! If only CerMark weren’t so darned expensive.

Thanks for the inspiration :star_struck:

The dark filled part of the pattern represents the engraved area, right? Looks great!

Yes the dark is the engraved area. I think im gonna dunk the knife in a bleach concoction!! lol


How is the dry moly applied? Did you NEED to do three coats?

Did you try marking without any products at all? I wonder if that would have worked, too.

People have tried all kinds of things from dry moly to mustard to water to nothing with varying results including visible marks. I think it may have more to do with the metal than the coating, at least until you get to the good stuff like Cermark.

Anyway, that looks three times dope!

After using it, I prefer Alumamark, where it can be used, since it doesn’t require any external coating. For personal items, I would probably stick with the Moly Lube. For anything I do for sale, or commission, I will use Cermark.

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Yeah, that sounds like a good balance. Personal/gifts/prototyping with the cheap stuff.

Now if only I even remotely had time to make things with this technique to sell! (I have two other product lines that still aren’t live… plus a “real” job… and a toddler… why did I think I had free time to make and sell things??? :rofl:)

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