Lack of Support

Very disappointed, can’t even get support to respond. Did i made good decision???

If you have already contacted them by email, the message might not have gotten through. If you want to describe your problem it opens another ticket here so they can make sure they got it.

Trying to figure out what to do, missing parts. Power cable is missing as well laser is forcefully place into different department. reading FAQ it saying , Glowforge is designed for world voltages from 100-240 VAC, 50/60hz. On the back is a female connector like those used on the back of desktop PCs (IEC 60320-C14). We may not be able to include the right cable/plug, but those should be widely available locally for a few dollars, lol well i thing i should get cable with unit. sorry as well thank you for all your help, just irritated.

Oh, it’s an international order? Yes, you probably should have received a cable with it, but are you sure you want to wait for them to send one? (They likely will, but no telling how long it’s going to take.)

Yes, it is a standard computer cable. If you can get one locally it would probably save some time.


I know it’s frustrating to wait. I had some problems in the beginning too but they’ve always worked really hard to make things right. Definitely describe what’s happening here and at least we might be able to help you while you wait.

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oh, no sorry its domestic order Glowforge Pro. So got unit today, notice plastic is torn up after opening box. take unit out follow setup and that is 1st thing i notice i am missing power cable. then laser was completely turn around, forcefully place in place.
So i am not sure because i can’t even test unit to find what and if anything is wrong.

It is the same power cable as used for PCs. It’s included so either missed in packaging or missed in unboxing. It has been known to get lost in the box but I haven’t seen new packaging so I’m not sure which box it is in now and where so I can’t say if that might be the case now.

If you don’t want to wait until Support gets back to you and you have a spare PC power cable, just swap it in and get it going. They’ll replace it with a new one but no need to wait for that to happen.


Yep! What he said. I’ve got a half dozen lying around the house. Go for it! :grinning:

I just think after spending 6k it should be there, i should not go trough all this, sorry guys i know its just few bucks but it’s principal. On top of all this i have to wait to figure out laser to make sure it’s not damage

What do you mean the laser was completely turned around?

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If you have everything but the power cord . The power cord is probably in the packaging somewhere ,they hide it really well sometimes .

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It should be and they’ll get it for you.

It’s not like they did it on purpose or that no other expensive thing ever got delivered with pieces missing. Your choice of course whether to make the best of things and soldier on or just wait for another week or so before you can get started.


There is only one way laser should fit in housing for shipping prior installation, well its turn 180

So you are saying that the tube is on the front side of the gantry? Any pictures?

I take pic how i find unit and the way it should , at list the way i think it should be place during shipping

I mean ultimately, I don’t know that it really matters. I guess you are saying the machine was turned around inside the packaging. If it broke in transit, then it will be replaced. If it didn’t, then… it didn’t. Only way to know is to fire it up. As far as the cord, not sure where they are packaging them now. Mine was inside the machine, in styrofoam, under a styrofoam lid. Have you taken the machine out? Have you removed the styrofoam from inside the machine?

So 1st pic is the way i found laser, 2nd is the way i think it should be.
This is when i stop and contact support , 3 h. ago.

Again, thanks all for your assistance and support i really appreciated.

I’d be patient if you just contacted them three hours ago. I wouldn’t let that keep me from setting it up though. It’s really inconsequential and not a reason to sit there and stare at the box, etc.


I was confused. When you said the laser was put in wrong, I assumed that you were talking about the whole machine.

That mechanism you are seeing is the lens housing head. There is a window on the side that allows the beam to pass through. It contains a mirror to turn the beam 90 degrees and a lens and motor that allows it to focus. It also has measurement lights and sensors in it, plus a small fan for keeping debris from coming up on the lens.

The laser tube is the long glass pipe with other pipes in it that goes along the left right axis on what is called the gantry.

That’s too bad it was not put in correctly. Check to make sure that the top mirror is seated correctly. Just firmly take off the lid that is attached with magnets, the top plate that has the Glowforge logo on it. It should be ok since it is put in position with a pusher and foam.

More important is insuring the lens is placed correctly. Look down under the head and into the tube. Does it seem evenly placed and not skewed at an angle? The foam plug looks ok, but it could have shifted.

Go ahead and set it up and see if it works.

Sorry about the missing cable. That is one issue that I haven’t seen before, but it could happen. Usually all the contents of the machine are in the boxes.