Larger Art for Pass-Thru Not Recognized

Hi there Glowers/Forgers!

I’m attempting to use the pass-thru on my pro, to make a piece that’s slightly larger than the cutting bed.

However, when my art’s too large (larger than the bed) the Glowforge says that there is “no art”.

How would I be able to use the pass-thru then? (I assume that you’d have large art to do it.)

Am I not understanding the pass-thru? Isn’t that what it’s for. (Or often for?)

I guess that my only other option is to break up my art into smaller pieces, and then try to align them? (Tough, as my camera is off by about 1/4 of an inch.)

(My art is an 8k vector line cut; it works just fine if I make it smaller (too small for my uses).


Thank you!


Hey Daniel, that’s a feature all of us Pro users are waiting for. As the makers of Gloworge have said, the hardware is final, but the software is not. Until that time we have to make work arounds. I believe I’ve seen some people using the passthru port manually, with success in the beyond the manual section.


The art does have to be broken up into smaller chunks at are sized to be with either the cutting area of the GFUI and/or the engravable area which is a bit smaller.

Here is a topic that addresses this, although not from a bitmap art perspective but from vectors and cuts.


Ah, cool.

Thank you guys for the info, and sorry that I didn’t already know.

Much appreciated… I don’t have to have my nervous breakdown TODAY! (Maybe later today.)


Thanks @gpadgham and @marmak3261 for your helpful posts. Please create a new post if you have any more questions!