Thank you all on this forum 🙏🏽

I don’t use my Agni much at all (and still need to fix the lid that’s developed and unglued hinge on one side ) - but just here to say Thank you to all on the forum and particularly the regular contributors. This whole community is amazing. If, given my infrequent use and therefore, low expertise on the glowforge hasn’t been a barrier to thinking of putting something in and pressing print, it’s beacuse of all the help that’s readily available via searching the forum here.
So thank you all!

Food is fun and sometimes more than a hobby (mine is the last post in this topic - but it’s closed)
Laser all the Food?:

so I though I’d give some teeensiest bit back by sharing that wood engraving and then using for sous vide gives most amazing smokey flavors. [Please choose wood that is food safe!]

Thanks also to

For our meal today I quickly engraved a pic of a Bison I had the fortune to be able to take on a road rip this Summer, on a cedar [Western Red - do not use others!] plank - 8mm

BisonBWplain.pdf (608.1 KB)

Nothing fancy at all - but a wonderful hint of cedar aroma that will infuse the bison steak that will get placed on this and the whole thing bagged and sous vide (54 °C; 90 mins) [before sear and service]

Off to do all that and other prep now.

Thank you all and hope your days today and ones ahead are peaceful!

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    Thank you

Thanks for the sous vide tip and the well wishes.


Thank you for all your kind words and your tips on sous vide smokiness. Sorry, but I had to laugh a little though…it sounded like you took the bison on a road trip with you…which conjured a humorous image in my head.

Many good wishes back to you, Das!


Ok, but what power and speed settings? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



@Xabbess I almost did at one point, and @kelly1 - speed was somewhat low - but seemed pretty high powered - didn’t stop too long to ask the fella


(This was at Theodore Roosevelt NP)


I should also report back that this was conceptually better than it turned out.
I did end up SV for 2 hrs - but bison is lean and smoke flavor molecules are hydrophobic - needs something with more fat (or more time; + perhaps char) - overall was ok. Still a good course cap to our small family dinner.
hope pics are ok to post - I know I’ve digressed much

[Please note: NOT the same bison as in previous posts]

fwiw hickory or cherry well charred with pork works really well - those are typically longer cooks.


You can get tallow (I use Waygu beef tallow from Amazon) and throw a few blobs in the SV with the bison to add flavor.

I usually smoke my tallow for about 6 hours or so to get another layer of flavor. I use it on a variety of cooks - like when wrapping a brisket. The fat molecules carry flavors to your taste buds :slight_smile:


Oh terrific! Food people here :grinning:
Ah - have never bought tallow. Plenty of other fats in the house + freezer from ghee to manteca to duck fat. I use a lot of infused ghee to put in flavor, including clove smoke - these are mostly for finishing. Or for meats and starting I gently smoke and rest before bagging for SV. Rest I just regular smoke/bbq including brisket but not too often [no freezer space left :laughing:]
Do you really need a 6hr smoke for the tallow? You’re likely cold smoking and the tallow is solid, thin layer and warmer/liquid should make uptake faster.

Hope this discussion is ok - and not too out of the way in this forum. Perhaps I’ll take some pics of glowforge use in food and get things back around.


I keep forgetting I have cedar planks for bbqing. I guess because we have a Traeger and our pellets are already flavored. I do love the cedar with salmon though. Yum! And the bison is really a cool pic - love how it turned out.


I usually smoke it when I’m doing a brisket. A tub of tallow (starts out solid at room temp) on the grate next to the brisket. I pull it when I’m going to pull the brisket & wrap it. But I use pre-smoked tallow for the wrap, the one I’ve just done will be a liquid and needs to cool. I butter the tallow on the butcher paper so I don’t want it liquid right then. It liquifies after I wrap the hot brisket in the paper.


You will totally fit right in.


Ah makes sense - thanks for sharing that process! I tend to finish brisket on the smoker, so go 12-18 hrs (till past the plateau), hence only occasionally; only pastrami (or fauxtrami from corned beef) I steam post smoke. I’ve saved (smoky) drippings from pork for other purposes and save bacon fat for same reasons, and a long time ago I messed around with smoked oils. But am thinking now that infusing fats/oils with charred wood would work ok too. If you sous vide can just infuse the fat with charred wood - at 50-60 °C for a few hours. Glowforge charred wood or some wine/whiskey/bourbor barrel chips or spirals (these tend to be oak though and is different). Hmmm - maybe I’ll give this a whirl with the duck fat I have. Thanks!!


Finally found an old cedar plank (piece) from long ago trials* - salmon on this and sous vide comes out ok - fair bit of that cedary-ness. Not as good as on the grill, so I don’t really do it - would be a good substitute in winter (but I don’t really cook salmon in winter, just stick to wild/Pacific salmon).

(*I don’t even have that file or remember where I stole the image from - or would have put it here, though that might be silly, I think nearly everyone on this forum can do this in their sleep)


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