Laser coming off track!

Help! I’m in desperate need of a fix. I can’t afford for this machine to be down this week or an unfortold amount of time to be sent in for service. I do not know technical terms, so please bear with me. I’m sorry the machine is dirty, I use it. :wink:

I was running a job yesterday, first of the day, ran fine the day before. About halfway through scoring it started making a strange noise and the scoring looked like a seizure. I cancelled the job and shut it off. Upon restarting it, it is now coming off tracks/unbalanced and terrible noise. I feel like there is something in or sticking in the black plastic carriage that holds the white ribbon (for the life of me not sure how to get in there to check/clean) in the back left. I can get everything back on tracks easily, so it’s not that it is off track to begin with. It’s not the red wire that I have seen mentioned in other posts as well. Here are some videos/pictures. Photos of bearings is after it comes off track, not before. I know the one on the left side is off. Looks like one of the videos isn’t going to upload, so I will come back in and try to add to next comment.

It is a Glowforge Pro
Purchased August 2019
Runs 8? hours a week.
Cut draft board and birch only

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That crackling sound in your last video is troubling. It sounds like there may be some debris in one of the belts or pulleys on the sides of your machine, or perhaps a damaged pulley.

Isn’t it? I’ve tried a little compressed air, but it doesn’t do anything. Ugh. Thanks for the reply.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’re hitting this snag. I appreciate you taking the time to send over these recordings, and all of the images from inside of your Glowforge.

Could you check the tension of your belts for me?

When pressing lightly on one side of the belt, the other side should not move.

Like this:

(You should see an animated image above)

Let me know if the belt is loose. Also, check the length of each belt on the left and right side, and let us know if you see any “teeth” in the belt missing, or anything that may cause the belt to catch as it the laser arm moves up and down. We’ll review this information, and send over the next best steps.

Thank you Marc, no teeth are missing and all seems taut.

Hello? I am trying to be patient and not to get overly frustrated with the level of customer service here for my $6000 paperweight. Messages to customer service not returned and no response to my email on Sunday. I realize this is a “hobby” machine, but I do have a business to run and customer service to keep up on MY end.

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I’m guessing it’s a bad motor on one side. As it will have to be shipped back for repair, I’m sure they want to be certain.

Thank you. I appreciate that response. Hopefully they will get back to me soon.

Thank you for providing detailed videos. Unfortunately, after further review, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I saw that you already emailed us about this, so I’ve sent you a response there to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.