Laser Cut Toy


Here’s an interesting little laser cut DIY assembly toy I might have to pick up. It might also give me some ideas on joint, hinge and assembly options. Decisions, decisions . . . .

Interesting laser cut little fellow

Thanks for the link. So much inspiration on their diy toy page including the marble roller coasters and even the useless box. So many designs floating in my head right now




I love it. Especially the spinning top. I may have to pick one up too.


Yup, I’ve ordered my Orpheus Music Machine. Think Geek also pointed me to the Tinkineer website. Haven’t picked up any of these, but they look maahvelous.


Awesome. Wish you hadn’t mentioned Think Geek. I could blow a paycheck there and never look back.


Well, thanks to you and @sawa I got this delivered today. This Glowforge thing is costing me a lot more than the original purchase price. :smile:


Oh, that looks really cool. I’d avoided looking it up because I didn’t want to really know how cool it looks. Curse you, man!

I call Cpt. Archer! (He’s always the last picked, so I feel bad for him.)


He’s the best. Recently discovered Enterprise. DS9 got weirder and weirder. Voyager was a complete drag. Maybe heresy; but I think Enterprise is the best series in the entire franchise.


Everybody’s got their reasons why one was better than another. My take is they were all good in their own right. DS9, IMO, actually got better as the seasons went on. I thought the war with The Dominion brought a new darkness to the show that I liked. Enterprise had that horrible, awful, lame theme song that only got worse when they released the dance remix a couple of seasons later. Ugh. Voyager was pretty consistent. Mostly lame, but I enjoyed many aspects of it consistently. TOS and TNG were both great, although 1st season TNG (and maybe a bit more) was really pretty lame.


Hmmmm…oh well, really liked the theme song (loved Enterprise and the NX-01) – used it as the theme for my Service Dog training agency as a song of strength and hope…


7of9! :smile:


In the last year, and by the power of Netflix, I have rewatched all episodes from tng, ds9, voyager, and currently in season 3 of enterprise.

Tng is still probably my favorite, ds9 and voyager also pretty great, but I dislike enterprise. In the other series, concepts like racism are almost completely overcome. Racism and selfish thinking is littered throughout Enterprise though. It just gives me a “backwards” vibe.

Then the theme song. Makes me feel like waving a Zippo back and forth. Its like an 80s rock ballad that is way overdrawn. Nails on chalkboard.

Side note, the imagery shown during the theme song is…interesting. once you notice a phallic object in the first few seconds, you can’t unsee it ever again. It’s effect is amplified by the power ballad. Lol.


Wasn’t Enterprise set like 100 years before Star Trek with Spock? So would make sense they had more racism and stuff.
I should try watching it sometime, only series of Star Trek I skipped.


Ain’t no T’Pol. :wink:


I re-watched all of the serieses 2 years ago myself. It was a great ride! When I was done I watched all the movies. (I should have stopped at II.)


The first two seasons are… not good. It picked up later on and got to be pretty good at the end. (Although the series finale is quite controversial.)


Perhaps Voyager just needed to break out the “decontamination gel” (or maybe not… that was a rather awkward start to a series.)


I liked her photoshoot in Maxim :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Duuuuuuude… But, frankly, they outfits they had her in over the seasons were sometimes way hotter than even Maxim. God bless that decon chamber.