Laser Engraved Cube



Very, very nice…who is going to be the first one to try this out?

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

I’d do it today, if I had my GF.


I’ll put down a fiver on @takitus
(What are the odds we’re getting?)


Very nice. It would be especially fun if you told somebody it was a puzzle box when it was just an engraved cube. :smiling_imp: - Rich


I like how you think :smiling_imp:


I thought about that - my big laser has 9" of Z-axis adjustability. Figured I could take a kids block and do it. First I’d have to make the symmetrical design though. And be home (I’m in SC on a business trip while my wife awaits 2 feet of snow).


I forgot to mention that you tell them there is a $20 bill inside for them. :imp::imp: - Rich


This is lovely!
I had been trying to do the inverse of that where I engraved the inside of a box so that it looked seamless when put together. But engraving was difficult at that point.


Another amazing idea! :relaxed:


I do have a cube of wood in my house that no one knows where it came from thats been begging to be lasered… =P


Oh, that cube…


Ok. As I hang my head in shame, I’ll post my feeble effort at lasering a cube. I’m getting a set of alphabet blocks ready. Of course, mine is practical. You can play with them.


The corners…!


Yeah – the corners are amazing!


I’m so going to make me one of those!


Oh, now I want to make a laser engraved cube puzzle box!


HOW?!?! Do we have proof this was laser-engraved? How would those edges be possible?! Let alone those corners?!


I could be wrong, but I think that lasering accounts for the weirdness of some of the edges. Because when you’re zapping a face you have to zap a square whose dimensions are that of your cube minus the depth of the engrave. Otherwise you would burn through some of the detail on the faces that were vertical while you were zapping. (Or maybe not.)


Oooh…Good point.


If one is bold, they could make an internally lit, wood with acrylic inlay Hellraiser cube. Lol