Laser Fractal Puzzle

I cut a set of all 3. It certainly demonstrated the need for me to sit down and make focus guides (so far I have always left my focus on the top of the honeycomb). My connections between pieces are a little too tight for comfort on the sawtooth and bone puzzles.

For the bone puzzle, I broke it real early on in the process of learning this. But noticed that I may have had a shift between passes (there were slivers along the edges of every piece.

While working on cleaning up the sawtooth pieces, I stacked a few of them and noticed duplicate and near duplicate pieces.

Is it intentional to have a few parts so closely matched?

I color coded the ones that are near matches so I could get the thing back together (I suck at puzzles)


This site has the free pattern for -while not really a jigsaw puzzle toy - but more of a “legoish” style toy. Interlocking pieces for creativity. Using corrugated cardboard looks like a simple but fun project.


That is pretty cool! Seems like you could invent a 3D type of dominoes style game where the play extends in 3 dimensions. Maybe there is already something like that out there–I’m not a game player.

Fantastic find, thank you!

Oh yeah. Definitely bookmarked this. Thanks!

This is pretty good, I’ve downloaded it and scaled it for 3mm B.B. ply in Corel. I’m going to fill an entire 24" x 18" sheet and try cutting it on the Epilogs we have here at our local TechShop.

how did you create the base? did you laser cut out the pattern and then glue it on a flat piece of wood?

yep, that’s right, the file also includes a base piece.

is this your kick starter project?

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No it isn’t. It’s not the first time I’ve had people selling my files online :frowning:
I’m not sure what I can do about it though, never seems to get anywhere.

I notified Kickstarter it was a theft of IP and backed it for a $1 so I could comment. Then I added a comment about this being a rip-off of your stuff and put your website link in the comment :slightly_smiling_face:


The copyright holder, in this case @m_raynsford, needs to file an infringement notice. Only the copyright holder or someone authorized by the copyright holder can file infringement notices.


Yep I figured that to be the case but they can’t say they weren’t informed - they have a duty under the ECMA to investigate (an email to Martin would probably satisfy) but they don’t have to halt it until he complains. In the meantime I get to comment as a backer (my $1 will get refunded if they kill the project or I’ll rescind it before it wraps up - besides it’s worth a dollar to be able to poke them). I’ll just keep pointing people to his site. The other commenter wanted 10 of them but couldn’t afford the total. I hate this kind of scamming leach so I’ll play spoiler for the Kickstarter :slightly_smiling_face:

(Can you tell I’m doing my income taxes so am in a nicer than normal mood? :grinning:)


I chased a similar project for someone who copied my marble machine on kickstarter. I said it was a copy of my design, they said it wasn’t. They kept the kickstarter, that was the end of it :frowning:


Thanks to jamesdhatch for doing that! How can we as a community ban together and take that Kickstarter down? That’s complete BS and the postings are here on the GF site to prove it!

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Don’t worry, I’ve filed a complaint against it. I’ll see what comes of it. No point everyone rushing towards it.
In reality I should have put them under a kickstarter too, and it’s not as though it’s my idea. It’s just annoying that they haven’t put any effort into designing their own version of the puzzle.

That’s what’s really annoying - get your own fractals if you’re going to do a puzzle. No need to steal someone else’s puzzles and then pretend that you did all this awesome work. Twits! :grimacing:


I have realised what else I can do about it though, I really should have listed them a long time ago


I posted the link to your Esty store in the comments :rofl:

Can’t wait until the “creators” read the page or start getting direct comments/questions. :sunglasses:


The other commentator has actually done me a favour by pointing out another copyright infringement on Etsy :slight_smile: