Laser is No Longer Firing


Well, your prototypes turned out just lovely. (Sorry for the temp delay though, that’s rather a bit of a bummer!) :neutral_face:

I owe my thanks to you.

Now I can seem to get two other files created in Inkscape to print on separate layers. Driving me nuts!!

Dang. That’s concerning. Ususally when a new device is going to fail, it does so right off the bat.
I know what you feel, I owe her too!

This is the sort of problem which horrifies us Internationals.

It will cost us ~$1k to get the warrenty replacement that this problem deserves


I think you’re currently seeing far more unit replacements than are likely to occur 3 months from now. I would expect that may well be part of what’s holding up international shipments. To be realistic, GF needs to be able to have field replaceable parts for international to be reasonably supported (or free shipping on returns). So I would think power supplies & tubes need to be shippable & user replaceable (in addition to what they’ve already experimented with having people replace themselves). Heck, a plug & play controller card should be available to cover all but the manufacturing fat fingers like the bad glue-ups.

One of the issues is Dan has said we shouldn’t remove the glass ends as it will spoil the factory calibration. I don’t think you can get to anything without removing those.

I hope Those “significant changes” to the OS machines is part adaptabilty to allow for many of the warrenty repairs to be done at home

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They’ve got to figure something out for that since they’ve committed to making the tubes field replaceable.


What “significant changes”?

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I’m so sorry you had trouble with your print.

I took a look at the logs for you unit and it appears you were using low manual settings on a very thin design which made it appear as though the laser wasn’t working.

We included an extra piece of Draftboard in your materials shipment for troubleshooting. Would you print the Gift of Good Measure on Draftboard using the Draftboard settings and send me photos of the print?

Thank you!

The power supply, as it sits now, would be a difficult replacement for a typical user.

The HV lead and current sense wire run through the flexible cable tray and are not easy to feed back through once you pull them out (so I’ve been told…). Plus, the current sense wire (for the tube) is soldered to resistor mounted on the side of the gantry.

I can’t see the average customer pulling it off without causing damage to the unit.

If they redesigned it to make those connections into connectors on the supply, it wouldn’t be that hard to replace.

Yeah. The HV connections to the tube are one of the tricky parts of replacing the PSU on a K40. But it’s a part that might go bad along with the controller and tube in terms of somewhat esoteric fixes needed over the life of the machine. The motors, belts, gantries, etc are pretty standard so normal skills could take care of those (not sure how they’re wired in/connected - haven’t dug into it).

From a warranty standpoint it seems that the failures seem to be tube & power delivery oriented (with some alignment issues perhaps caused by camera issues). The power delivery could be tube alignment with the mirror & lens setup, bad tube or wonky PSU. So those are all the things that I think they’ll need to address to be able to reasonably support international sales.

People are loss-averse and thinking they have even a 1% chance of needing to spend $1,000 to get something fixed that should be “free” is going to cause a backlash. The alternative is some sort of depot repair service that is more local & reasonably priced in terms of shipping so they can offer the same free shipping back & forth for warranty repairs as in the states.

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I am supposed to get my email in 8 days for delivery in Norway. There are alot of things showing up as wrong with the Glowforge that dont give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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I smell a revival of the “certified local repair” program thread. :wink:

Sign me up for central IL.


So very much this. From a Brand development POV they should not want to risk the OS markets on this

Lol, fair call! I stand corrected

I hope you are wrong and you are our first OS recipient!
Good luck mate

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It wound up being the low manual setting. Thanks for the support.


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lol, careful scott, they might be watching you through the camera!