Laser is not printing

I have cleaned the lens and reseated the laser cleaned cameras. I have tried printing files I have already printed before and still no laser. using proof grade material with the recommended settings nothing is working!!! Need help and at an event printing peoples pictures and can’t figure out what is going on

If it had been working fine and suddenly stopped, I’d suspect a lid cable failure. Particularly if you were opening and closing the lid a lot.

Things to eliminate are here…support is going to need the final say on it though.

Try printing the Gift of Good Measure on medium draftboard using proofgrade settings. Post pictures of the result so support can see the problem. Also note the time and date of the print.

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checked all of them they are fine

there is nothing to post the laser moves like its working but no engrave or cuts

Mine did same thing ,wonder why?

If the machine is moving as usual but leaving no mark at all, it’s not a cable or optics issue, but either a tube or power supply failure. You can also confirm that the laser tube itself is not glowing while it should be printing.

To eliminate an issue with your design or settings, support will ask you to try the Gift of Good Measure, and post pics. Of course, if there’s nothing even on the masking, there will be nothing to see. You need to note the time (and timezone) of your attempt so that support can look at the logs. Unfortunately, it’s likely going to need to be shipped in for repair.

I see you already emailed us about this and I just followed up with you there, so I’m going to close this topic.