Laser moving material

So I have been cutting some foam and the back of the laser is moving the material , It looks like that part of the back of the laser might be tilted just a bit.

Is there an adjustment or hack as i just need a mm or 2 cutting material is just below 1/4 inch

I was able to push down on the honey comb just a tiny bit but feel that its off on one corner.21%20AM

I’m pretty sure that fan is supposed to be angled like that.

Have you tried pulling the tray out and using risers?


That fan is the air assist that keeps the cutting area clear and can’t be moved.

Is your material over 1/2”? If so you will need to remove the crumb tray as advised above. Also, have you checked that your crumb tray is in the dimples below it’s feet? Sometimes gunk can get in those dimples and lift the tray somewhat.


When you’re cutting anything taller than proofgrade, you can test for clearance. Turn off the power and gently move the head around. If the air as ssust scrapes, you need a new approach.


There should be 1/2" of clearance between your crumb tray and the air assist. If it’s hitting 1/4" material that’s flat against the tray, something’s off, but the fan being at the wrong angle is one of the last things I would suspect.

In addition to the suggestions already made above, I would say make sure your foam is fastened down to the tray so it can’t lift when air blows it. You can use thin magnets or Honeycomb bed holdown pins.

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There should be virtually no give in the honeycomb, except a slight wiggle going front to back. Are you sure that all four feet are in the dimples in the bottom of your machine? If they are, then how level is the table that you’re using? Aside from the first, have you had any other issues with the proofgrade?

I’d assume foam is light enough that the air assist could get under it and raise it while the machine is running, so if none of the above is your problem, I’d also suggest using something to “pin” it down. Magnets are great because they don’t need to be that big, and the pins that geek2nurse mentioned are amazing for general use.

Looks like @wesleyjames already linked to No Math Edition, (which itself includes the link to the original).

But for completeness here is the original:

Please let us know if you have any other questions @coalakida!

The fan absolutely should NOT be touching 1/4" thick material, there is 1/2" clearance between the fan and the honeycomb.

The fan will, however, blow lightweight materials (or even small pieces of heavier materials) around the honeycomb tray if they’re not held in place somehow.

If the tray rocks a little bit, make sure the feet are fully seated in the dimples, make sure there is no debris in the bottom under the tray, and make sure the table the GF is on, is totally flat.


So my Crumb Tray is off by a lot , so it teeters at pretty bad.
I took a picture to show just how far it is off is this normal ?

I think I need a new crumb tray as this may be my problem ?IMG_4788

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Yeah, that doesn’t look right!


Ok , thank you, what is my next step, I think this my problem with the 1/4 material bumping ?

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Perhaps when @pip comes back through, something can be looked at to assist that.

I think you’re going to need to wait for @pip to come back – looks to me like a honeycomb tray exchange is in your future.

I believe I might have a Bad Uneven Crumb Tray which could explain the material getting bumped.

Do I have to send the whole Unit back ?
I also am missing a plastic Handle on my box ?

those handles… well, they suck.
Just tape the box closed if you have to ever send the whole unit back.

The crumb tray came in a separate box. was that damaged?

No , just uneven, I have seen quite a few like, it, support has not gotten back to me yet .

Thank you for providing the photos.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.