Laser Not Cutting all the way

Just opening up another ticket since my last topic was closed without any follow up.

Laser is still not cutting through anything properly. All optic components, air assist fan etc… cleaned properly over and over again. Gift of good measure doesn’t even come close to cutting out on proof grade material.

Are you positive the lens is in cup side up in the laser head?

100%. I’ve owned both my machines for quite some time now. So I am fairly similar with how to put the lens in…

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Your previous topic was not closed without resolution - they sent you an email with follow-up. Opening a duplicate ticket will just lead to them closing it because you need to respond to their email.

I never received an email from them. Checked all my folders, and nothing. Tried sending an email and response and it just bounced back. I’m simply trying to get someone to contact me with the follow up information they never sent.

Ok - now that you’ve stated that they will see this and respond here.

Hello @kns70702, I’m sorry you’re still experiencing issues with cut-through. My sincere apologies that our initial email response didn’t reach you! I’ve resent the follow-up steps to your email.

Could you please double-check your spam and promotions folders as well as your inbox?

I’m going to keep this thread open. If you don’t see an email response soon, please post in this thread and I will be happy to investigate further.

I just checked all my folders and I do not have an email like you are mentioning…

How frustrating! I’ve just sent a new fresh email in hopes it will land, and also sent a direct message here in the forum.

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