Laser not cutting through proof grade material

Greetings everyone! :blush: I’m new to the Glowforge :tada: I received it last week. I’m using the proof grade material (Light Basswood Plywood) and sometimes it’s not cutting all the way through in areas. I didn’t adjust the preset for the material and I’m not understanding why it does it sometimes then others it doesn’t. I’m also setting the focus each time. I’ll attach some photos to elaborate. Thanks in advance! :blush:

You should contact support. They will either adjust some settings on their end or send you a replacement.


Did you pin your boards down nice and flat? The slightest warp can result in that’s kind of not quite cut though. Also, have you changed your lenses lately?


Yes, I did pin the boards down. I just got it the middle of last week, I haven’t replaced the lens; however, I did clean them and it’s still doing it. :pensive:

Okay, I’ll try that. I’ve cleaned the lens and it’s still not cutting completely.

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