Laser not firing - everything else seems okay

After a blissfull 1.25 year run, I think my Glowforge Basic has encountered its first problem… I was engraving a file I’ve done many times and mid-engrave, I heard a whirring noise similar to the startup rev and found that the laser was no longer firing, despite the head still moving as expected. I’ve checked power levels, tried other projects, and nothing is working.

I feel silly because I actually just emailed support over the weekend with a question about the referral link and am waiting on a response, now I submitted a ticket via the website and haven’t gotten a confirmation email - I wish I had just emailed directly so I know I put in the correct return address. I’m very anxious if you can’t tell - I run a very busy business and this is not opportune. I guess it’s my fault for not having a backup though…

Is there a checklist anywhere of ribbons and cables I can look through to ensure it’s nothing wobbly?

Yep, there sure is…try this out and best of luck to you!


Hi! This is the same exact problem I am having. I was mid engrave when the laser just stopped firing. It is going through the motions but nothing is happening. I tried a cut and that also doesn’t work. I have actually only been using mine since mid-December. Unfortunately, the warranty is no longer active and I am awaiting some type of resolution.

Oh wow! I guess I’m glad I’m not the only one but I wish neither of us were in this situation. When did your issue occur? I just put in my ticket this morning - we will have to keep each other updated on what we find.

Mine happened on Thursday morning. Have gone back and forth with CS and run all of the tests with no resolutions. So now they want me to pay $200 to ship it back to them and told the cost to repair would be somewhere between $400 and $1000! Sucks because I am still making payments on this damn thing. :frowning: I did ask how much would it be for them to just sell me a replacement CO2 tube but have yet to hear anything back on that.

They are not selling tube replacements at this time.

I’m so sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I see you’ve already been in contact with us via email, and I just followed up there with some more information about the repair process. I’m so sorry about the bad news.