Laser Not Firing Help

I used my machine a few months ago. I opened it up and it’s no longer working. The printer head moves but doesn’t make any marks. Tube also doesn’t glow. I cleaned everything and checked all connections. Did my tube go out?

I also did email support.

Sounds like tube or power supply failure.

Support will want you to attempt to print the gift of good measure on proofgrade material using default settings. Note the time and date and send pics (even if nothing happens). Then they can arrange for a replacement.

Hi, did you ever figure out what the issue was? Two days ago, mine did the exact same thing. I’ve been emailing tech support, but they won’t really answer any of my question. They just want me to send mine in for a replacement. They won’t even tell me how old the replacement is that they want to send me. I haven’t even had mine for 3 years yet. ridiculous!

This thread is less than a day old. They probably haven’t even started troubleshooting with Glowforge Inc yet.

That’s a long time for a Glowforge. Probably in the top 10% oldest machines. The replacement is very unlikely to be that old.

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Machine has a 2-year predicted lifespan.

You’re ahead of the curve.

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Where did you find that stat?

It doesn’t seem to be consistent with other similar class lasers. The only reference I remember seeing relative to 2 years is the projected lifespan of the tube.

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Dan posted it many times. Here’s one example: Tube Life - Cut vs Engrave - Time to engrave is lots! - #3 by dan

I’m closing in on 5 years and the end is in sight for me.


That’s tube life, not the “machine life” you were suggesting has a 2 yr design life.

Even with that, the tube life that Dan mentioned was nebulous - thousands of hours may or may not result in 2, 5 or 10 years. He didn’t define normal or pro use. It’s another of their statements that don’t really say anything.

Regardless, I really want to chase down the notion that the machine itself is designed for a 2 yr lifespan. There’s nothing but the tube that suggests a lifespan that isn’t 5 or 10 years or longer. But perhaps there’s something unique about the GF that has some short mtbf component. You’re usually a good source for real info so I figured you have something to back up the 2 yr machine design life claim.

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The only experience I have is my own GF. I’ve read that tubes have a shelf life whether used or not, just like tires. I’m glad to have many years more than predicted life from my GF, but I’m not distressed that it’s no longer performing like new. It was a useful tool while it lasted.

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That’s true. Depending on the quality of the glass it can leak out the gas charge. Usually something in the 3 year on the shelf timeframe is when you’d ask for a fresher one.

But in use they can last for many many years and far more than the 2,000 hours that is the rule of thumb for low power CO2 laser tubes. Guaranteeing a 2,000 hour tube lifespan means you’re not going to be replacing many under warranty. Similar to offering a mere 6 month warranty on the laser machine is more intended to limit potential liability than really reflect the projected life of the machine. There’s really almost no difference between a Basic and a Pro - not that justifies doubling the warranty for the Pro.

Our makerspace is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 hours on a 60W CO2 laser. Since most of the time it’s on, it’s engraving or cutting (people bring their designs and cut vs sitting with the machine on while they design). So the hour meter is probably pretty close to the laser tube use as well.

@smcgathyfay had something like 15,000 hours on one of her ULS laser tubes last time she mentioned it a couple of years ago.


The last couple of years I only use my GF Pro when needed to make one widget or another, but the settings to cut through material work exactly as when new. It is pushing 4.5+ years now. Zero degradation.


Mine will be 5 years old next month and I don’t think I’ve noticed any degradation in performance at all, either.


Mine did too, until a couple of months ago.

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