Laser stopped firing in middle of a cut while print head keeps moving

I have been using my Glowforge Plus for the past 17 months and it was great. A couple of weeks ago in mid-print the laser stopped firing. The printer head moves as if it is cutting/scoring/engraving, but the laser doesn’t fire at all, the GLOW IS GONE. The printer head and all the lenses are clean as well as the air assist and exhaust fans. Tried multiple proven designs with all power levels, including FULL power for scoring, engraving and cut and NO GLOW. What is most concerning is the lack of response from Glowforge support. After two weeks wait on my first email I sent another one today. Thinking about a second laser, but if support isn’t responsive I might have to consider an alternative… Trying posting here to see if the response from support response is any better. I will wait to see how this resolves before buying another Glowforge.

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You would have received an auto response immediately after sending. If you did not than either your emails aren’t reaching them, or their emails aren’t reaching you. A person always responds within a single working day - so next time don’t wait so long! :hugs:

Your posting here will let them know there’s an issue with email and they’ll get you sorted.
In the meantime, check your spam folder and add to your whitelist.


Hello! @thecruzer I am so sorry about the laser problems you are running into with the Glowforge printer. I saw that you opened an email ticket so I went ahead and replied to you there with the next steps. I will go ahead and close this thread to mitigate any confusion. Thank you!