Laser tube

Is there a reason you posted a link to a year-old thread?

i’m new to glowforge i dont know where to go to ask question on the forum

Here is fine. What is your question?

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Is that your problem? did you try the suggestions there?

i just got my glowforge a week ago i made a couple of thing and went today i went to use it and the laser is not working

Have you performed all the official troubleshooting steps? If so, your tube may have failed.


i really don’t know where to go

The link that I just posted.

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yes i can’t find the anything about the laser

Those are the steps you perform to determine if it is the laser tube.

If all those are confirmed (which support will ask for), then your machine will have to be replaced.


ok thanks

thank you its working now it was overlap design




Spontaneous “light switch” failures of the tube should be pretty rare. Tubes do “wear out”, but it happens over time, they slowly degrade until they don’t make enough power to cut anything anymore. They’re actually pretty simple devices and so, are fairly reliable. But the electronics module that drives the tube can fail completely and without warning. So when your laser isn’t lazing, the tube should generally be your last suspect.


It wasn’t the tube it was overlapping design


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