LaserTile orders

Has anyone ordered from LaserTile and had a problem, Placed order on 8/24 and have not received my order, emailed sales and no response.

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There are some forum threads about them – they don’t seem to be the most efficient business. Here’s a thread that might help you track them down. There are others that might also be helpful – I used laser tile order shipping as my search term and got several hits, but didn’t take the time to read through all of them.


they were not fast to fulfill their orders.


No, they are not fast at all. It’s almost glowforge shipping speed.
But the product is awesome. I probably should put a new order in. I need some for Christmas.


They eventuality deliver but they’re not fast nor do they communicate much. The product is great, though, once it shows up.


Thank You for your input everyone.


Don’t be too concerned. They are historically slow with orders, but they always come through. It has taken as long as 3 weeks to receive an order from them, and I have ordered several times. I only live about 45 min. away from LaserTile, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.


Good to know. I have to place an order soon. Maybe if they get enough of them, they’ll kick into gear!

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