Last one in the Cryptex family : The Magical Cryptex

This is my latest project, a magical Cryptex for my LARP activity.

In its container box

With integrated lights

based on @m_raynsford and @tclear01 design

Using 1/8" Baltic birch for the inside workings.
1/8" PG Maple Hardwood for the letter and side caps.
0.5mm paper for inner chamber spacing.

It is modular and changeable. Bit woobly :slight_smile:

Tried to stain the Maple hardwood, but due to the finish, it was hard and not that satisfying. Did an acrylic wash. Might rethink it.
Here more photos.

The box is my first project in 1/4" wood, and there is no glue for the wooden part, all held by the amaranth corner blocks.

I wanted it to be both in a transport mode and a display mode.


Beautiful and complex! Great work…


I have mixed feelings about this product. I am elated that my modifications were useful, but also incredibly jealous that your design has blown my own out of the water!

I especially like the pentagonal insert at the end of the solution tube - it shows that you were dedicated to making this a work of art.

Congratulations on a great build!


Incredibly sorry. I would say I am currently on work leave, so I have time on my hands. But I wouldn’t have done it without your good improvement.

At the start it was a circle, but it was hard to open, so I changed it for a pentagon, in respect for the outside.


Beautiful result! (I’m going to build one of those one of these days.) :grinning:


Wow … Gorgeous! Hope to make one for my husband one day.


Oh, this is really special! I hope you have something special to put in it.

In current process of design. I hesitate to go toward the ancient artefact glass box (museum/ British crown style) or a more mystical, with lighting.

Great job!

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Very cool. Love the complexity.

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An update to the first post, the Container box

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An update to the update, The container with the light show

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Can you share the plans for your box, it is beautiful !

Friendly reminder, asking people for their files is prohibited by forum rules. From the FAQ:

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork. Designs take work and have value, and when you ask someone to give you that value for free, you undermine their work.


I apologize everyone for asking if Simon was share his design !

It was not my intention to undermine his work in any way.


No stress