Leather and Wood Eyeglass Cases



I found these here: http://www.everhandmade.com/collections/frontpage/products/handmade-vintage-leather-glasses-case-wood-glasses-box-handmade-retro-glasses-box-eyeglass-case#.WGLr-PkrKHs

I’m looking forward to Forging up a few of these next summer :sunglasses:


O I like those. Bookmarked for later.


Yup! Me too! :relaxed:


really nice project, may make a couple of those for myself.


These are some handsome specimens, and look crazy easy to make. Definitely bookmarking these.


I could really use something like that!!


$89.00? Wow. I have the materials for this at home. Tonight on the 30 minute Glowforge challenge: leather and wood eyeglass case.


Ok. It took longer than 1/2 hour. 1 hour. Mainly because it was so difficult to nail the brass brads onto the edge of a round object. This was my longest piece of veg tanned leather. I had some 1/4" white cedar I milled up Monday. Perfect application. Padre Ramon is a priest from Mexico that is in a nearby parish. He always carries a reading glasses case. This is a bit big for his small glasses, but as proof of concept. Don’t know how it works doing a knockoff, but this is for testing purposes. The holes for the brads in the leather went perfect. Just one small circle about .05 mm in diameter. Did the clone and tile with Inkscape to make them 1" apart. I used the visualize path extension in Inkscape that allow for measuring lengths of perimeters of objects. Thought about a Velcro closure since I have it in my sewing kit but instead used an upholstery tach in a piece of wood since I didn’t have a heavy duty snap in the leather working kit.

Not perfected but as a concept works.

Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

I’ll have to give that a try. I’m still learning Inkscape’s extensions. That sounds like a good one.

The case looks great. :sunglasses: I love the customization/engraving in the wood. I’m excited about giving it a try once my GF arrives. I might line the inside of the wood with flock or velvet.


Looks great! :smiley:


Nice start. To be honest I’d probably just glue it on, as glue these days is as strong as nails. If you still want the nails as an accent, it should be a lot easier to do on the more stable completed object.


What kind of glue would you use? How would you clamp it? I don’t have much experience w/leather…


i’m lazy so i’d just use whatever i had around. but some kind of contact adhesive / cement would probably be best. barge, what have you.


The advantage is that you wouldn’t need to figure out funny shaped clamps or clamping jigs using contact cement. You do need to be careful in placing the leather because it will grab and not let go :slight_smile: so get it right the first time.


yup. so don’t use it naked.


Added to the project list! Thanks!


WOW! You really took the inspiration and made it your own, @marmak3261.


Care to elaborate on a experience… :blush:


So has anybody considered that the next step would be all wood, like a shaker box? Only with a living hinge.


glasses needs scratch-protection of some kind… but yes!
maybe a felt-lined living hinge?