Leather backpack for upcoming Disney trip

Holy Moly! This is amazing! New glowforge owner here. Didn’t realize you could make such cool stuff with it! Great job

Welcome to the forum.

You are in the right place to be inspired and encouraged by other Glowforge owners. As you have discovered, there is talent here.

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Thank you for such a kind comment.

Welcome to the Glowforge family! You’ll find that there are some VERY talented creators that willingly share their ideas and creations. @dklgood is correct, this is the right place to be inspired and encouraged! Can’t wait to see your creations!

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This is a great backpack.

Wow. That’s awesome!

Thank you @stuart_riggs and @tracypaul.warrington! I appreciate the positive feedback!

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Isn’t it odd that they medicate people because they have ‘endless ideas rushing through their brain?’

They don’t you know - the medicate people because they cannot get a grasp on any of the ideas rushing through their brain.

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Great idea and it looks great.