Leather Bifold Card Wallet & Leather Tutorial


Loved your writeups! Saw your MLC site tonight, too, and wanted to know where you got the fittings for the Apple watch?! Are they ‘good enough’ or would you prefer to find a different fitting? I have no plans or ideas but if I were going to try a leather project, I think trying an Apple watch band might be a good place to start?


Thank you! I would recommend starting with something like a card wallet for your first leather project. Believe it or not, a watch strap requires a lot more experience due to the way that the materials come together. Since watch straps are smaller accessories, they require more precision during both the design and making process. Either way, just starting a project and trying it out is the best way to learn! Here’s a post that I wrote about making an apple watch strap.

In terms of where I purchased the fittings for the apple watch, here are two of many places you can get them. The first is on Amazon where you can get a pair of fittings for about $13.00 to start like this pair. There are lower cost ones on Amazon as well which may be lower quality. I ended up purchasing mine from a manufacturer in China where they manufacture fittings for Apple watches. However, I had to purchase it in bulk. You can do the same using a website like Alibaba. Just make sure you do your research before purchasing!

I recommend starting with a pair from Amazon to see how you like the process before jumping to a larger order from a manufacturer.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Tim, for the info!

fwiw, I think your website’s display of your watch bands would be a little more pleasing if they rotated at a slower rate. Otherwise, it is a great looking site!

Oh, and on the Apple watch bands, you state that they can fit either the 38mm or 40mm watches, but it leaves a slight opening for readers to believe there should be a choice between those sizes, because historically people “know” there are two Apple watch sizes, when there are, in fact, 3 sizes. (Your bands are compatible with the 2 smaller sizes.)


Thanks for the feedback! I had the same thought about the rotating apple watch strap, but never thought about the size description. Let me know how your leather project goes. I’m looking forward to seeing it!


Great tutorial! Thank you for all the information! :heartpulse: