Leather SD Memory Card Wallet

My wife and I are headed on a trip this week. We are spending 4 days in London and 5 days in Iceland! We are beyond excited and can’t wait to find out what this adventure holds!

Both of us are avid photographers and pack a full set of gear each. This will be the first trip we don’t bring along a laptop (we’re trying to save weight) so photo storage is a major concern. We don’t want to run out of space but one the other hand we don’t want to buy massive SD cards and have one conk out. We’ve balanced it out and are bringing 216 GB, we think it will be sufficient. It’s about 10 cards. I was looking at the pelican case for SD cards which is about $20 and thought I can make one that better. The water and dust protection isn’t a concern because these cards are warrantied for that. I turned to Illustrator and Glowforge and was off to the races. Here are some photos of how it turned out. I’m very happy with it and these might even become a product on our ETSY store. There are a few things I would change but thats for v2 :slight_smile:



Really nice SD card hold.

I hope you have a great time on your trip.


I love it! Your stitching is lovely and it’s so cool to be able to make something for a specific purpose that fits perfectly. Safe travels!


Wow, that looks really great! Can you tell us the materials you used? Is your thread Green? Great choice to go with that leather.


sure thing! Its 4/5oz tooling leather from Tandy Leather. Its veg tanned and we picked up a shoulder for $40 I think? I find it too think for most things but it work well for this. We dyed it after cutting. The green thread is actually embroidery thread.


My husband and I visited Reykajavik a couple of years back and had a wonderful time. We rented a car (even though it’s quite expensive there) and drove around the country one day. The remaining days we spent in the city, except for a brief jaunt to the hot springs. We absolutely loved it and often talk of retiring there once the kids are off to school. It’s a little challenging to immigrate. We happened to arrive during the city’s gay pride festival which was absolutely amazing. And the food was awesome too. Have a great time!



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Nicely done. It is very attractive, and serves a great purpose. You’ll have to update this post with how close you came to your storage limit in photos after the trip. :wink:

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If you look into making more of them for your store, some waxed thread for leather working might work better than the embroidery thread. I picked up a large spool off of amazon for about $2, and it worked great in a recent project. Here is the one I have: http://amzn.to/2iii3R8


We’re really excited and rented a car for the whole time. We will be driving half way around the island.


Yeah definitely will have to get some of that. I was using what we had around plus the green color is neat. Thanks for the source! How large do you cut your holes?

stitch holes

Here are the stitch holes that I use. I modeled them after the Craftool Fine Diamond chisels that I use.



Full disclosure: I have done one leather project so far. www.bruceaulrich.com/blog/how-to-make-a-leather-ipad-case So, I’m definitely NO expert.

I think the chisels I was using are 2mm spacing, and I believe that means the holes are 2mm as well. Not quite sure. I also did a saddle stitch on them, where you put a needle on both ends of the same thread, and then each of the needles passes through each holes from each side. The thread worked great though, and I believe it is nylon, so when you cut it, you can burn the end with a lighter and it kind of seals it.

I’ve seen a bunch of different colors on there. I have the black one, but I want to pick up a few more, now that I have this under my belt. I really like the idea that you can use the glowforge to create the holes. And I love the color you stained the leather!


Bookmarking this, because I definitely want to work with leather more when I get my Glowforge. It would save quite a few steps…marking where you will punch your holes, and then actually punching them.

Oh, oh, oh! I really like that and need to make one for my micro-SDs. :grinning::+1:


oh man are you going to love it! I have never worked with leather before and the Glowforge makes it sooooo easy.


Love your wallet! What an amazing trip for you! Enjoy!!!

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Professional crafting there! Enjoy your Iceland adventure, and please share some pictures with us when you return!


Very nice design. I may have to rethink my camera accessory accessories. :smiley:

I use one of the nylon folding wallets that holds 12 or 15 SD cards without the cases. It is nice and compact. I don’t buy anything smaller than 64 GB these days and have about a TB of storage.

Having multiple cards helps avoid the “all your eggs in one basket” scenario. What I would like is to have a field backup of everything. I’ve been looking at something like this:


More portable than a laptop. More reliable than a single copy.

I haven’t been to London since 95 and Iceland is on my list. Have a wonderful time. You will certainly be in a target rich environment for some spectacular photography.


Thanks @lairdknox! I’ve thought about the wireless hard drives but I don’t like that most of them have to transfer through a phone. My camera on the other hand has dual SD slots so I have it mirror as storage. That way I have a direct copy backup.