Leather tips: size for stitching holes, and distance?

Hi all,

Trying to get started with making a keychain as my first project. Couple questions I’m hoping someone can advise me on…

  1. What’s the best way to cut holes for stitching when making the svg? Should I treat stitches as very small circles? If so, what’s the right width and height to use for the circles?

  2. How far apart do you find the ideal stitch hole placement to be?

Thanks a ton!


The only time I’ve made them myself, I treated them as dashes. In the Journal Cover, GF did small circles and cut them out. I like the circles slightly better, at least some of the time. The thickness of the leather may play a part in it, possibly requiring different size or style for different leather weights.

These were posted at some point, and I kept them for future reference. Maybe they can help you.


Use a dashed stroke. You will be able to control the paths easier.

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Thanks for the responses! Will try a couple trials and see how it goes.

Lots of good topics here, as pointed out above. Many different techniques with different design programs to get evenly spaced stitch holes. Give the forum a search for stitch holes..

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Also, just a heads up: the holes all have a bit of char in them, it’s just the nature of the beast. The char can come out of the holes and stain your leather, so in a critical operation where quality is important, I have gone through each hole with a needle threaded with waste thread. That seems to clear the char.


The thread and needle is a good point. My first leather, I just grabbed random waxed thread and some needles from Tandy - and it was hell. Your stitching holes need to be sized accordingly to the thread and needle - so it could be just a dash that’s needed or it could be a circle.


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