Legends of Elsewhere - Star Trek Chest

So, I didn’t use my normal “Legends” themed stuff here, but I made this for someone for their birthday and can’t wait to give it to them! I had an idea a few months back where I wanted to make some kind of box that would open with an acrylic isolinear chip as the key. Would have been easy to insert and turn, but that just didn’t fit right with my head thought. Thusly was born my most mechanically enhanced piece yet…

Using magnets on the end of the chip and on the sliding internal lock mechanism, inserting the chip all the way pushes the locks back, allowing it to open. Close the chest up, and removing the chip pulls the lock forward again. Extra internal magnets keep the lock mechanism forward so it doesn’t just slide open if tilted backwards.

If only I had the knowledge to incorporate an LED light that would light up the chip, but electronics integration is beyond me…for now.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Lights would make this even cooler, and I suspect you will find a way to incorporate leds very soon. This is a fun project even without lights.


Marvelous! I love the key.


Another demonstration of your incredible talent. I am in awe.


This is so cool. Especially with the key!


Very clever work with the key. Your colouring always impresses me too!


Very neat, especially like the key!

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Wow, you are really stepping these pieces up a notch!

Actually, it’s really easy! Check out my LED edge lit badge tutorial; all you need is an LED and a battery.


Here’s a somewhat better picture of the chip, reverse engraved on the back, just the label part painted black before peeling the masking off. Hand-drilled the divots on the end for the magnets and superglued them in. Also, the location where I got that file from (on Thingiverse)


Thank you! That really does give me some ideas, maybe LEDs are in my future!


Live Long And Prosper! This is a super project.

Place the light inside the chest so that it lights the chip when the chest unlocks it. It would look like the chip/key has been activated and it would keep the acrylic clean.


Great stuff! These are super nice. The Chip and Spock are cool!

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:star_struck: Nice!!!

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This is so cool!

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Excellent work! Very nice project!