Lens cleaner

Cleaning my GF and the blue tool to remove the lens does not have the silver circle on it as noted in the video. I’m guessing it’s a magnet and that’s what pulls the lens out. I don’t have that piece so how do I remove that lens? I looked to buy a replacement and GF is out of stock and not seeing anything on amazon. Or am I just not understanding something?

You can remove the top cover and the mirror (blue handle) and push the lens out with a Q tip. Just make sure to have your hand or a soft cloth below to catch it. Also, be sure to reinstall the mirror exactly as it was when you removed it.
Also there are plans here to make your own tool:


Awesome!! that worked, thank you so much!


The likelihood that the magnet from the blue tool is stuck to your lens is not small - double check when you have it out!


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