Lens keeps sliding down and coming out

With in the last 2 weeks my lens has fallen out twice. I clean it often and am very familiar with how to remove and install. I am pushing it in all the way, But it keeps working itself back down. Please help. It has gotten to the point i have to push it back in after every cut or engraving now.

Falling out as in dropped onto the bed?
Just to be clear the lens does move in the head on a mechanism to auto focus.
You shouldn’t have to push it, it should jump off the lens tool onto the magnet when it is re-inserted after cleaning.

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Yes falling out. When I remove the “black box” from the carriage, it falls out. It has never “jumped off” onto the magnet since I’ve owned it since June. I’ve always had to use the blue tool to set it.

We’ve seen one other instance of this posted here. Unfortunately (based on that instance) it doesn’t appear to be something that can be easily fixed.

The only thing I can think of is that heat will reduce the strength of magnets (which is how the lens is held in place), and if your lens is not clean, it will absorb energy from the beam and heat up (that’s what causes damage to the lens surface). That heat could be transferred to the magnet.

I clean it several times a week. I’m pretty religious about it.

Do you know if its covered by the warranty?

If you’re within warranty period, I’m sure it will be. You’ll just have to wait for support to chime in here.

Fortunately I am.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, with the lens perched on the blue tool, before the tool touches the lens seat, when it gets close to the magnetic seat the lens will be attracted to it before the seat is touched.
The lens definitely shouldn’t fall out. There must be a degree of strength left in the magnet or it wouldn’t stay at all.

I understood what you meant. But as I stated it has never done that. It’s never just attached to it like the lense does when you put the tool in to remove it. I feel that jump that attraction when I put in the lens removal, but it has never done that when I go to put it back in

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How many hours of use in between cleanings?

3 at best. If that.

Every 40 hrs is recommended. More often if using materials that produce more airborne particulates, like draftboard/mdf.

Seriously?? I clean it almost every time I use it. That seems like such a long time between cleanings. So I’m doing it too much?

After every 40 hours of printing, use ZEISS lens cleaning wipes (available on Amazon and many other stores) to clean the cameras, laser lens, and windows. This will keep the unit working properly and prevent permanent damage to your unit.

I clean at approx 30-40 hours though I mostly cut acrylic. Haven’t had any issues with my pro since I got it over a year ago.

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If I waited 40 hours to clean the camera, I wouldn’t even be able to see anything. That’s the main reason I clean as much as I do because of my camera lens isn’t clear I assume my laser lens isn’t.


I do mostly Engraving

I can’t comment on the manufacturers recommendations. I’ve cleaned mine three times in two years (but I am a hobby user…)

I think the air assist keeps crud off the lens much better than the camera.

I would suggest cleaning the camera as needed and trying to clean the lens less often.