Lid / Front Handle failure

Just got my Glowforge delivered, and ran into a snag right off the bat. Sometime during shipping, the front part of the lid fell off. It looks like most of the glue on the lid failed, and then the normal transport rigors caused it to fully delaminate. Here’s some pictures of it:

None of the connectors for the lights are damaged either, which is fortunate. The light strips are holding this to the frame, but nothing there looks damaged.

The shipping container itself had no damage, so I don’t think it’s due to any sort of abuse or mishandling. Everything else looks fine, but I haven’t unhooked any thing or powered it on. Just left it after setting it down, since I’m not sure if I’ll need to re-ship it.

Normally I’d just glue it up and being on my way, but because of the camera system, I’m concerned hacky fixes will cause nasty focus and processing issue. What’s the best process to get this fixed up?


I’m sorry about that one. For them to say but they’ll replace that as I’m sure there is no way for you to properly bond that.

Looks like an unfortunate combo of being under bonded and taking a good whack.

I’m sorry to see you received a broken unit, and I apologize for a less-than-serious reply, but it has to be done:


I am so sorry to hear that. I’ll send an email to arrange a replacement in just a moment.