Lid open error message popping up

We are getting a Lid Open error message. We have cleaned our machine, taken put the crumb tray to make sure nothing is blocking the lid or front door and have restarted the machine and are still getting the message. Everything looks normal so I’m not sure what happened. Please help!

That is one of the signs of a bad black cable, it does not need much to make it bad so only support can say for sure, but the lid open sensors go through it.

You’ve opened a ticket with support by posting here, so they’ll be along shortly with information, but in the meantime go through all of these steps so you can answer their questions when they contact you:

and post these photos:

Hello @jessicahanson25,

I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve just sent a response to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.