Lid Open Error (

I have done all the things.
Checked for any connections (ribbons on the lid and the general laser driving white ribbon). I have check to see if things are level. I have restarted my router.

I dug through the forums and found lots of messages. Most closed by staff, but no “resolved” messages.

Really unfortunate timing…

What should I do next?

A staff member will get here ASAP but in the meantime you should go through all of these steps - and write up what happened (not just “I tried all”).

Frequently this means your black ribbon cable has broken, which is a part you can order from the store if you’re out of warranty. If you’re still in warranty they’ll send you one if the logs support that supposition. They’re fiddly to replace, but many folks have done it successfully.

Thanks. I was a first round adopter… so no warranty. Frustrating. All I did was open and close the machine… this shouldn’t be a point of failure.

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Me too!

There was a short time during early manufacturing where they didn’t leave enough slack so the black cable pulled tight when the lid opened all the way and was a point of weakness. The advice went out to only open your lid to 45º, but if you didn’t see that it didn’t help.

Luckily (if it’s that) it’s not a difficult fix.

Good to know. The “don’t open the lid more than 45 degrees” doesn’t seem like a good fix… Staving off inevitability.

I have a craft show this weekend unfortunately. Going to have to pull out.

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This is why, as a business, one should always have a backup plan. Do you know what other lasers in your area are available to rent? To borrow? Do you know at least one other crafter to whom you can sub contract? Do you have a certain amount of stock made so if something happens a few days before an event you wouldn’t have to drop out?

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I had a plan and the machine failed. Not worth the effort to push for. This is my side hustle. Still hurts though.

I doubt many for who this is NOT a side hustle have a plan if their GF fails…

The smart ones do


Sooooo true! I have been surprised how many people don’t have plans and they are using the GF as a central part of their business. A business owner that only plans for things to work correctly is not much of business owner. I have my GF for a side hustle and once the hustle made enough I then got a second GF so I (hopefully) don’t have to skip a beat if one has technical issues.

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Is this an open issue that more people are experiencing right now?
I haven’t used my forge in a couple weeks and I’m also getting this error now.
It was in the middle of a print and just quit and said the lid was open.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with a “lid open” error. Could you do the following for me?

  1. Power off your Glowforge

  2. Open the lid and front door of your Glowforge

  3. Remove your crumb tray

  4. Check for and remove any debris that may prevent the front door from closing properly, particularly the area underneath the front door

  5. Close the front door and lid

  6. Power your Glowforge back on

  7. If you’re still receiving the Lid Open message without the crumb tray installed, please take a look at the following photos and let me know if anything looks different. If you see anything that looks different, please take a picture and send it to us. Also, if the lights on the lid of your Glowforge are not lighting up, please let me know.

​ ​

​ ​

Once I get this information, I’ll follow up with the next steps.​

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I have been super busy. I am going to do a deep cleaning of the machine today. I don’t think that will fix the error, but you never know.
I have checked all the doors (pro unit), removed abd and cleaned the crumb tray. Checked contacts on the top lid.

Thank you for the update that you will be deep cleaning your Glowforge!

If the error is still present after the cleaning, could you send photos of you printer like in Patrick’s earlier response? This will allow us to take a closer look before following up with next steps!

Hi Danielle

Deep cleaned and took photos. Let me know what you need next from me.

Thank you for the photos! After reviewing all of the information, the next step will be to replace the black lid cable. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details.