Light switch cover design question

The lack of a bevel on the inside of the light switch cover seems to prevent me from having a neat design flush to the wall, has anyone figured a workaround to this? Sorry if this design question has been covered 1000 times over in the past.


Engrave the back or add another layer with a hole the correct size


I like that idea

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Yeah I’d just cut a frame for the back, then stack and glue the two layers. It will be faster and more repeatable than trying to engrave.

Then I’d probably sand the edges to make it less “lasery”, maybe even rounding the corners to make it a bit more refined.


I bought a wooden switch cover and then engraved it instead of starting from scratch - but I like the adding an edge layer idea!


When I made my light switch covers I added a thin bezel on the back to cover the gap. You can find it here:


Found while looking for something else but thinking 3D engraving of palms that rounded the edges would be cool :upside_down_face:

Also folk that don’t know a monstera leaf from a palm are just embarrassing :roll_eyes:

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I like it!

Thank you everyone I like the final outcome


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