Limits of GFUI for rendering?

Can one of the webdevs answer this question?

I’ve got a 10mb pdf/svg (approx 100k paths) that I’m hoping I can print, however (predictably) it’s not rendering in the print ui. What’re the limits of the app in terms of rendering elements?

Alternatively, is there a way I can get raster images to cut? If I export my image as png, it renders and I can (probably) print it, however it doesn’t separate the engrave from the cut. Maybe if I uploaded them as separate files? but then I wouldn’t be able to get the alignment perfect…

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You can’t turn rasters into cuts. PDF/SVG combo? How did you make the file?

different versions of the same image. both don’t render :frowning:

Is this maybe something that you are trying to score? I can’t imagine 100k paths to cut unless it’s a lacey cut on some paper or something.

Dunno if this will help for 100k paths, but I have found that simply combining large batches of related paths (Inkscape: Path–>Combine, not sure what that is in other software), which has no real effect on the appearance of the output, can cut UI render times by a truly impressive factor. Easily a 10x speedup, maybe more. GF doesn’t seem to treat them any differently when they have been combined, but it seems to be less of a resource drain.


Unfortunately, there are several constraints that interact which can prevent complex files from uploading or printing. We’re working to improve this, but in the mean time we don’t have a clear set of rules for what will work and what won’t.

Regarding your question about cutting raster images: PNG images can only be engraved. To cut, you will need to create strokes (outlines) in design software like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. We’ve provided step-by-step guidance for a sample project here that combines an engrave and a cut: Make a Gift Tag from Scratch.

Often, a file with that many paths can be simplified. It’s possible the community might have some good suggestions under Tips and Tricks – could this post help with your file? Sketchup to Inkscape to SVG - right and wrong way

I’m going to close this thread, but please do open a new one if you have another question or if you want to share a solution!