Share your Generator Finds!


Was just poking around a bit online and decided that it might be nice to have a spot for sharing neat online generators. So share em if you got em!

I just found this one for snowflakes:

Here is one with all kinds of neat game icons you can adjust:

And this one for gears:



Fantasy City Maps!


Thanks, can’t wait to try them.


From a previous post…



Moving to Tips and Tricks and linking. :grinning:


I think most of mine have been linked here at one time or another. But great idea for a cohesive list! I’ll see if I can dig them up.

And great job on the profile pic! I thought to myself, who is this special person with the green aura around their profile picture? Fancy!


I’m a sneaky wabbit!


Bookmarked. Thanks!


Some templates maker


Great thread! What a rabbit hole!




lol XD



This oughta be here also - thanks to @dan_berry


Table/Bench generator:


Another simple box generator :


Stencilizr converts your pictures into visually striking two-tone images with smooth edges.


Neat single serving site. However, if you need to finesse this…

You can accomplish this in inkscape with the trace function. You can set the edge detection thresholds to meet your needs.

Likewise if you want to work on it in raster mode, in gimp you can desaturated your image (this converting to greyscale) then use curves to make a “step” instead of a curve shape to converts it to black and white at whatever “threshold” you like. You’ll have far more control over the output.


I just added it for the sake of completeness.
Some people might not have the access or skills to make it on their own.

I still use an online box generator rather than fire up Fusion 360.


Yeah me too on box generator sites. I have yet to need f360.