Literal meaning of words



The shipping banner is most welcome, to keep up our spirits.
I have noticed that it actually says “by June”, not “by the end of June”.
Hope so.


My wife & I were talking about how that was worded last night. I’m still thinking it means end of June though.


I’m not going to obsess (all that much).


June 12th 3:37pm EDT. Or maybe June 28th, or Aug 4th, or… Worked a lot of projects this big and complicated. With 4 months to go on the plan the typical completion date was 4-9 months. Of course my reporting chain wasn’t 10,000 large.


I have to agree “by June” means any time before June.

Not that I care much, but it is funny to note.


Nope. Jan, Feb, March = Q1. April, May, June = Q2


I retract my statement. Haha. Looks like I’m unemployed without a glowforge for a month ha-ha! Thanks for the correction.


OK…I’ll fall for it, too. I think ‘by June’ means anytime within the month of June, which would still place the timeframe within the 2nd quarter.


My Latin teacher used to go on forever about terminus ad quem and the counterpart terminus a quo. How does one get three days in the tomb from Friday evening to Sunday morning, historically commemorated in 40 hours devotions. Not even two full 48 hour periods. He said, if it touches Sunday, then all Sunday counts as fully completed. I’m sure the lawyers, both canon and civil would love to chime in on these distinctions.


If it beats July I’ll be thrilled. If not, I’ll be thrilled when it does arrive.


Next up: Debate on “shipped” meaning out their door, or in ours!


Might mean a ready for pickup notice has been issued in Kuala Lumpur.


Oops. By the end of June would be the correct wording. Thanks for your close observation. :slightly_smiling:


I am hoping for June 19th (Father’s Day USA). Since this was my Christmas, Anniversary, and Birthday present to myself. I might as well add Father’s Day too.

Plus it will be the start of my new tradition of getting everyone one I know a laser gift from now on.


So be it🙁


Reality 101 - I’m gonna guess mid to late September, maybe October. Not that I lack faith in the folks at GlowForge doing their absolute best - but real life happens. Suppliers fail to meet deliveries. Parts turn out to be too brittle, or might not fit according to specs. Too many broken parts in the delivery that does arrive. The software crashes under Windows 10. Shipping problems blossom. There will be a boatload of issues that have to be worked out, and with this large of a roll-out, it’s much more likely that there will be a delay than not.

It’s too easy to blame the seller for what was initially a guesstimate based on a much smaller projected delivery load. From experience, having been on the other side of things, it might not be something that they can control.

The good news is, once you accept that there will likely be a delay, you can quit worrying about it, stock up on cheaper materials before the inevitable price increase and total lack of availability when the bulk of the users get going with it, and start putting together your designs now, to have them ready to go when the machine arrives.

Which will put you ahead of the game, instead of behind, and stressed to boot. :smile:


Take your time as far as I’m concerned, Dan…would rather wait another year for a better product, if that’s what it takes.


If it’s another year, that better product needs to be Glowforge 2. I’d hate to see the freak-outs that would happen if the whole “shipping Dec. 2015” confusion some people had is any example. I’ll be more that happy to get solid hardware with basic software in June if that’s what we’re looking at. I don’t have a problem with the cloud based software if we get constant updates like Fusion 360, Onshape and even Steam. It’s cool to see the “look at what we’ve added” popups that you get any time the software is updated.


Oh the meltdown would dissolve the whole internet. I wouldn’t care, though, but I am very much in the minority…


My birthday is the end of June so yay! My birthday present will be copious customs fees ^^ Please don’t tell them the real shipping price. Customs counts shipping and item cost :frowning: