Little More Design Help

Hello Fellow Makers, I have a Pro Model thats a few years old… im printing tags that are 1.5" x 3" the tags contain the same design Mix of image and text on one side and number on back the front side that is identical i sometimes get it right and the laser prints the same step all the way across from tag on left all across to the farthest tag on the right and then other times it jumps around printing the same word or image at the same levels but jumping across from different spots left to right what am i doing that sometimes gets it right and prints a whole row at the same time

I’m afraid I really can’t be of much help, but I’ve noticed when I do multiples of things, if I’ve copy / pasted anything to create more pieces, that it will jump around like that…whether I do it in my design app or if I do it in the Ui.


I believe if you want the file to be one continuous engrave across the entire page, you must rasterize it in your design software.


This is simply how the GF software works on the backend. I believe the theory is keep non-contiguous burns apart from each other to keep from over heating/burning a particular area.
As @dklgood pointed out, if you get them all laid out in an editing app then rasterize it into one large image instead of multiple little copies, it’ll look like copies, but as one large image it’ll go left to right, bottom to top.
I do this quite a bit when a buddy of mine has some wooden boxes to engrave on. Instead of 6 copies of the engrave, one for each 6 boxes, it’s one rasterized image(usually png or pdf) that goes in one setting and certainly shaves a bunch of time off off going over the same horizontal space over and over again.


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