Living Hinge D&D Boxes

This is an old design I did for the laser at the maker space. I think I may have shown an example of it here before at some point in the past

But since I now have a GF, I can cut it on that and experiment with new materials!

I made three boxes last night:

They have 2 sides. These are for Dungeons and Dragons. The intention is that one side stores the dice we need, and the other holds the miniature for your character.

I have not yet bought the hardware screws and magnets I need to finish the assembly. I’ll probably do that this weekend.

The 3 materials I chose were, from the right:

-MDF from Home Depot
-Baltic Birch Plywood from my local wood source
-Proofgrade Maple Plywood

They all work, but the :proofgrade: maple is really the nicest, by far. The finish on it is FANTASTIC! The Baltic Birch is nice, but would really benefit from being sanded and finished with some varnish of some kind.

The only problem I had with the :proofgrade: is that it’s slightly thicker than my MDF, and I did not adjust the design for that extra little width. So everything is really tight. That box is harder to open and close than the MDF one.

I’ll adjust the design tonight and cut another one this weekend that will be a little looser.

I have a couple of hard woods I want to try this with as well. Although I’m not sure if they’ll handle the living hinge or not.


Those are beautiful.


Very nice!


Those boxes look fantastic!

For living hinges, it sounds like hardwood is hit or miss and likely depends on the pattern used to make the hinge. I found this thread discussing this from a while back:


Love those boxes! Thanks for sharing


Spectacular. It’d be cool to have a little POG that could go into the little round dragon part so you could change character represented when your character dies. (maybe a twist fit, removable POG) Just my D&D mind riffing on your incredibly cool piece. Thumbs Up!


Cool idea, I’ll think about how I could do it.

Very nice. How does the glue hold for wrapping the body around the two sides without any joints?

The living hinge will basically only be glued on the bottom. On the top, it is held down by a little piece on top that rotates (once the hardware is in place).

You can see some pictures of my original design here:


How about lasering a little piece of foam, so your figurine doesn’t bounce around. Friction fit to lock into place. Maybe in Ferrari red or Hermes orange. :wink:


Ooooh! Ahhhhh! :sunglasses::+1:


Very nice–a true high quality design!


Awesome design! I would like to make something like that to hold my Magic cards, much classier than a little cardboard box…


I had started a design for a MTG card box a few years back. It’s at:


These look really nice! Seems like proofgrade will more than likely win this household over. Will have to look for a design to work one up for my son-in-law.


Just a quick question for you (or anyone else who has done a living hinge design): what spacing/line length are you using? I know there are a lot of parameters you can change that has different effects on the behavior, etc., but I just want to start with a known setting that other people have successfully used.

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They’re phenomenal. Really, truly.

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I just made one, and then modify it to fit whatever design I’m working on. The spacing on it was…hang on… 1.2678 mm, and I’ve sized that down and up as needed. Any smaller spacing than that and the ribs will start to break because you have to account for kerf removal. Net result is about 1 mm.

That’s for 1/8" thick material. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s a couple of links that cover more info on living hinges.:

JKopel has posted a lot of stuff on living hinges (RHenley linked to another post of his above). He provided this great link: